Trailer Roundup: 16/12/13

Star Wars trailer season is truly upon us, so have a franchise trailer for Rogue One and get ready for this Friday. We’ve got a few new big ones to talk about this week, and then a bunch of smaller movies as well, so let’s get right into it.

Assassin’s Creed

(December 14)- The final trailer for this has been released, and it really switches up the narrative of the first two (at least, for someone who has no idea about the games). It really focuses on Jeremy Irons and the quest for this Apple of Eden thing, so now that I see a bit more plot taking shape it’s actually become a little more interesting.

Fifty Shades Darker

(February 9)- It’s safe to say I didn’t like the first movie. However, it did get a little less rapey and emotionally abusive than the books. Slightly. Barely, but at least that was something. This trailer shows Christian Grey sending flowers after Ana left him, showing up at an event and convincing her to come for dinner, and them starting on a super happy ~loving~ relationship. There’s more sex, but then we get into the control again. They’re sort of giving her a love triangle with a dominant boss, and trying to turn the story into a thriller with stalkers and all this other stuff. If I didn’t know the story from the books, then this trailer would probably have got me a lot more interested.

The Lego Batman Movie

(February 10)- I’m pretty much going to leave this here, since I’ve already said a bit about how much I love The Lego Movie, and how excited I am for this one. Did I mention Will Arnett’s Batman is one of my favourite things? Because it definitely is. His voice is perfect, he’s great at doing the cocky attitude of the Lego Batman, and this whole concept just feels genius. Yea, I can’t wait.

The Fate of the Furious

(April 12)- I just assumed after Paul Walker died they wouldn’t do any more of these, but I guess I was incredibly wrong. Why not continuing making money off this ridiculous series, right?

Why the F*** is Charlize Theron in this? I thought she liked doing more serious movies, but I guess a Vin Diesel-is-actually-the-bad-guy thing is more interesting? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll go out and see it because they’ve still got ridiculous stunts, like wrecking balls destroying cars. That’s a thing, right?

At least Statham is back though… I do love him. Normally I don’t go so specific into trailers, but “I will beat you like a Cherokee drum” is probably one of the worst lines I’ve ever heard in this franchise. This series doesn’t even look that fun anymore.

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

(May 12)- I’m pulling out a Canadian one here, because the first movie 10 years ago was a lot of fun. A murder on the provincial border brought a clash of English and French, and good and bad, cops together. They bonded over their investigation, but clearly this trailer shows they parted ways in between films. These guys were hilarious the first time around, and this looks bigger and better than ever. I can’t wait.


(May 26)- You’ve probably heard the talk about this one for the past few months, but Baywatch is back. I thought it would be like Magic Mike, but with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, but I was clearly wrong. It seems the objectification is still clearly on the women, and the jokes are still pretty stupid. Oh well, an early summer entry with some silly action isn’t all bad.

Transformers: The Last Knight

(June 23)- I hope by calling this ‘the last knight’ that means this will be the last Transformers movie we get (before an inevitable reboot, at least). I never saw the fourth one, but now we apparently have transformer dragons and Anthony Hopkins? I can’t say I have any hopes for this at all, but it seems like they’re going for an emotional intro to this movie? The title doesn’t even really connect to the trailer so far, so I guess we’re in for a couple more to really paint a picture.

Spiderman: Homecoming

(July 7)- I’m digging this new Spidey, the really young, excited guy who’s happy to be using his powers to help and dealing with the awkwardness of being a teenager. Especially since it doesn’t feel like the mopey-Tobey Maguire version is even in Marvel’s memory. It’s light-hearted, fun, and clearly not taking itself too seriously – for the MCU. Plus, we’ve got an international trailer with a couple extra clips if you’re into that.

War for the Planet of the Apes

(July 14)- I get surprised these movies are still going on every.single.time. We definitely don’t need them, and I can’t say I’ve seen any of this new series. You know what’s weird? Seeing apes riding horses. And Woody Harrelson shaving his head. Who thought that was a good scene to include in the movie, let alone in the trailer?


There’s also a few dramas thrown into the mix:

A United Kingdom

(February 17)- Another interracial marriage story, this time between a London office clerk and the Prince of Botswana in the 1940s (like American 1960s set Loving). It looks beautifully shot, with a strong group of actors including Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo, but I’m not sure how strong it’ll really be – dramatically, at least. This trailer seems more romantic than politically-minded, but either way, clearly a plea for tolerance and acceptance.

The Wall

(March 10)- Since when is John Cena in movies that look good? Because this one definitely does. Admittedly, it seems Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the real focus of the movie but Cena will still have to create an emotional character. It seems intense, despite the small location and very concise plot. It’s not every day you get a smart war movie like this appears to be: character-focused instead of hero-obsessed, that doesn’t demonize the enemy or show American invasion as obviously the right decision.

The Circle

(April 28)- A science-fiction drama with Emma Watson, John Boyega, and Tom Hanks. I haven’t read the book to know too much, but it seems like a fresh take on the technology thriller. There’s a bunch of clips of Tom Hanks giving a speech, a la Steve Jobs and all other tech guys, but that’s probably the least interesting bit. It quickly moves from an idealistic tech company to this creepy, tense exploration of conspiracies and an all-powerful company. I can’t get enough of that moody version of Hall & Oates “Private Eyes.”

Lady Macbeth

(June 2)- Although only getting a limited release, I wanted to add this anyway. It looks fantastic, following a woman in 19th century England through a marriage to a man twice her age, an affair with another, and the repercussions from forbidden sex and murder.

Indiewire’s Eric Kohn said this “imagine Alfred Hitchcock directing Wuthering Heights” about the film, and doesn’t that just sound like the best type of movie? I absolutely cannot wait, so hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to see it.


We’ve also got a few movies coming out in that awkward in between period. I can’t say they look very good, but here we go:

The Founder

(January 20)- This was supposed to come out in August, but got pushed back to an Oscars release because Michael Keaton was an Oscars darling after Birdman. That doesn’t seem to have worked out this time, because who really cares about the origin story of McDonald’s?

Fist Fight

(February 17)- Like I said, this doesn’t look good. Apparently it’s funny to be a bully once you’re an adult? Not exactly a good concept, but that’s why it has a February release. Tracy Morgan is back though, which is really the only good thing I can say.

The Last Word

(March 10)- It seems like a silly little feel-good movie, about a woman who learns to have fun later in life. Not much to say, other than it seems sweet and that I’m a bit surprised Amanda Seyfried is doing it.


So what movies coming up soon are you excited for? Let me know! Plus, chat with me by tweeting @reviewsbylauren or on snapchat @renelaide! Check back on December 22nd for the next edition!