Top 5: Free Events at PuSh Festival

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival (PuSh Festival) has a lot of great events all through its 3-week series, and some of them are free! Take a look at these four events below to see if you’ll come check them out.

Panel Series

There’s one panel in this season on arts, access, and inclusion. Focusing on the state of inclusion with regard to producers, artists and audience members who identify as Deaf, disabled or on the autism spectrum.

Artist Talks

Three artists from different productions in the festival are spending time talking about their creative processes, development, and more. Artists include Bridget Moser, Caroline Horton, and Alessandro Sciarroni.

Critical Ideas

Presented With SFU’s Institute For Performance Studies, Critical Ideas brings together artists, critics, scholars and audiences to discuss formal, social and ideological issues affecting performance practice and reception. First is Adaptation in Performance, about familiar stories retold in unique ways. Next is Curation at the Crossroads of Performance and Visual Art, pretty self explanatory; and last is Home, Memory, and Land that focuses on the stories we tell about our country, from Indigenous sovereignty to pipelines, to the environment.

Film Series

Last up, there are a few film series’ to complement the ideas coming from some of the other PuSh productions. Dance Dance Revolution is a shorts program for the cathartic power of dance. Natural Disorder is paired with Backstage in Biscuit Land, both looking at disability and what it means to be normal. Lastly, Wide Open Sky is paired with Australia’s dirtsong, about classical music’s place in small town New South Wales.


So what are you interested in checking out? Let me know on twitter @reviewsbylauren or in the comments below!