Who Will Win: Survivor Millennials v. Gen Xers

I’ve previously talked about how Survivor was inciting a battle of the generations this season, but with the finale coming up today there’s a few things we have to watch for.

We’ll be starting with 6 tonight: Jay, Hannah, and Adam from the Millennials and David, Ken and Bret from Gen Xers.

  • Removing threats, and not holding a grudge. Obviously, there are people on the Jury who are holding grudges about getting sent home (Jessica, I’m looking at you), but overall everyone seems to be playing the game how I always want. People want to take out the biggest threats, and when they get taken out they don’t seem upset. People seem impressed or understanding when they’re finally taken out, and that really leaves it open for final Jury votes.
  • The Legacy Advantage. Ken received this after Jessica drew the black rock and was sent to the Jury. It’s supposed to help his game play on day 36 – which happened immediately once the finale started. In the past, we’ve had advantages that canceled jury votes, stolen a vote, and given the holder an additional vote. It’s under a different name this time, so that might mean it’s a new surprise as well. Hard work has been a big theme this season, so how did everyone handle Ken getting an advantage without putting anything into it?
  • Dragging along a “goat.” Every season there’s a few people who squeak through votes undetected, who don’t make big, strategic moves or dominate in challenges and people want in the final 3 because they won’t get votes. David, Jay, and Adam are the big players here, but no one is a strong ‘goat’ since Hannah got rid of Sunday last week. It’ll be interesting to see Ken, Hannah, and Bret spin their gameplay to win votes – if they make it that far.
  • Adam and Jay’s tumultuous friendship. They’ve a bit of an odd pairing. Both have been competing hard in this game and I doubt they want to join forces… but then there’s this underlying friendship between them (and connection with their sick mothers) that has me wondering if there’s a secret semi-alliance brewing. Even though Adam forced Jay to play his idol, they might need to bond together and work on splitting up David and Ken.

Overall, I would really love Jay to win. I think he’s been playing a great game. He’s intelligent, strategic without overthinking or getting too cocky (something which Zeke unfortunately did at the end), and he’s been able to manage all his relationships really well, so I can’t imagine many people would have a grudge against him. David and Adam are in the unfortunate position where I think a few people will be a little angry with them, and that’ll hurt on a final Tribal Council and Jury vote.


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