And the winner is… Survivor: Millennials v. Gen Xers

After a dramatic two hour finale (and actually quite interesting reunion), we finally have our Sole Survivor!

And the winner is…

Adam Klein! Unanimously, too! Some have called it a pity vote, while others are incredibly happy about his game-play. Personally… I’m not a big fan, he’s made a bunch of bad moves throughout the season, but I wasn’t too happy with the final three.

Day 35: (after last episode’s vote)

Bret was upset about people choosing to vote off Sunday over Jay, and… yea I get that, he loves Sunday, but it’s probably better for his game this time.

Day 36:

Ken finally gets to open his Legacy advantage and he has immunity at the next tribal council. That isn’t as exciting as expected, but it’s still a great relief.

After a mistake that helped everyone else, Jay lost the immunity challenge to David, keeping him safe for another week. The challenge also came with a steak dinner for three, which Jay stole then took David and Adam to. In the end, Jay was still sent home when he discovered his hidden idol he found earlier in the day was actually a fake.

Day 37:

I love that Jeff has stopped telling people when they’re close or on the right track for these puzzles, it seems to really increase the competition and that’s a lot more fun. Ken wins again, so he’s safe to the final four – a great spot to be in.

Adam goes searching for an idol as David targets him, expecting there are no more hidden immunity idols in play. Unfortunately for David, Adam found it and cockily tells Hannah before they head to Tribal. As Hannah continues to flip between alliances with Adam and David, she relays concerns to David and they end up turning to send home Bret.

Day 38:

For the last challenge we’ve got the the “balance build,” where everyone moves a bowl through a shaky metal structure, then balance it on top. Oh, and they have to try and stack 13 of them without any getting knocked off. After the end of 30 minutes, Ken and Hannah are tied, and they have a showdown. Ken wins once again, and he’s onto the Final Three!

Tribal tonight was all about whether Ken would betray his loyalties to David and send him home, or stick to his guns and lose out. David ended up heading over to the Jury side, meaning all the talk of loyalty was kind of ridiculous and everyone who really should have won this season are out.

Day 39:

Ken kind of just Colby’d this season. He played the old school type of game winning challenges, doing lots of work around camp, and staying loyal. But… that doesn’t win people Survivor anymore, and hell – it didn’t win it for Colby, either.

Honestly this whole Final Tribal was a mess. Adam is pushing all his blame to Hannah, Hannah is defending herself poorly, and Ken is just sitting there silently. Not exactly a great way to convince me that any of them should get the million. Overall, that just felt really underwhelming.

At the beginning of the reunion, we find out Adam won unanimously, and then the fun began. Well, not actually – we learn about the fate of his mother (probably the most emotional Survivor story, honestly). After that we do get into some of the funny and quirky moments of the season, like Hannah’s flirtation with Ken, Taylor and Figgy’s relationship, and Zeke’s friendship with Bret.



Check back soon for a full analysis of the new Game Changers season, coming out in March!