Unboxing: FabFitFun’s Winter Box 2016

Hey TRW fam! Do you have any subscription boxes? I’d always wanted one, so in the Fall I signed up for FabFitFun. I’d seen tons about them – the ads are everywhere on Pinterest – and I’d looked into lots of other ones without getting as excited. What really drew me in was the amount of items FFF seemed to include, and that everything was full-size products. I know this isn’t the only box to do full-size products now, but it still seemed like a great choice.

I’m not one to jump into purchases like that lightly though, especially as it was shipping to Canada and that meant the dreaded exchange rate. I was a little nervous before the first one, but also really excited. After Fall turned out so great, I almost immediately signed up for the annual pass.

Anyway, let’s dive right in! Check below for my full, uninhibited thoughts on every item from the FabFitFun Winter Box – both my likes and dislikes, plus a couple additional add ons! Plus, I have a link below that gets you $10 off your first box!

I just want to let you know really quick, this is entirely unsponsored. I was interested in these boxes, so I signed up and paid for it myself. I really love them, which is why I’m sharing it with you here.

1-newsletterSo when you first open the box, you get a newsletter with information on all the items in the box, a highlight on this season’s charity (Starlight Children’s Foundation, helping to brighten the lives of children with chronic diseases), and a couple fun articles related to the season. This time around, there was a list of 100 simple New Years resolutions, three recipes for holiday drinks, and DIY holiday gift wrap. Plus, an interview with the founder of Moleskin.

6-charityAll of the items in this box retail over $250 USD, so it ends up being a great value. Let’s jump right in with the Starlight Children’s Foundation star pin. I’ve put it on one of my coats to add a little extra sparkle.



What I expected would be one of my favourites of the season was this D.L & Co candle. Select members had the choice of either Bergamot Woods in silver or Blackberry Nectar in gold. I went with the blackberry fragrance and was surprised how quickly it burns. However, it’s a subtle scent that feels really cozy. This would fit in, in a lot of homes. $45

Another Select item, you could choose between two Gorjana necklaces: the Taner toggle lariat in gold, or a Kiernan double pendant in silver. I picked the double pendant option and it’s so cute! It looks really delicate, but also versatile enough that I’m not stumped on how to wear it. I would have liked either option, but the silver will go with a lot of my jewelry and it’ll look perfect on top of a black dress. $75 (that’s more than the price of the box!!)

7-thank-you-cardsMarie Mae Company’s thank you card set is SO cute, and will get me to start sending thank you notes while these last. I love the gold polkadots and ‘cheers’ calligraphy style, it reminded me a lot of Kate Spade products. The back is completely blank so you have a lot of space to write in your note, and I love the thicker card stock so there’s no worries of bleeding through the paper $24.

Next up is the final Select item of the season, and one of the pieces I was most excited about: a Moleskin weekly planner! It came in either dark purple or forest green, and I chose the green colour. Now, I’m obsessed with planners and journals and all kinds of physical stationary like this (and the thank you cards), so this was kind of a dream for me. There’s stickers in the back, and it’s quite big so there’s a good amount of space to keep everything as organized as possible. It looks like I’ll have a great year ahead! $20.95

And now we’re onto the beauty items. I know a lot of people weren’t excited about receiving mascara in their box, but I’m not exactly sure why. Butter London is a good brand, and the Iconoclast set is pretty nice. The wand on this one has that little bulb on the tip which will be super useful for grabbing every last lash. I’m not too picky with my mascaras, so I’m always happy to get a ‘free’ one to try out! $20


I’m always happy to try new face products, because my skincare routine is kind of lacking. I just never really got into using lots of products, but now that I’m interested in trying I have no clue where to begin. In winter I’ve found my face getting a bit dry and red at times, so the O.R.G skincare mineral peel is a great option to try out. After only two or three uses so far I’ve already noticed a change in my skin’s redness. Plus, I still can’t get over the full-size products. It’s really noticeable on beauty ones like this, since I know I’ll actually have a good amount of time trying this out and seeing how it fits into my (lacklustre) routine. $44


And then last but not least, we have an Anderson Lilley beach butter body cream. People received this in either Sicilian Tangerine or Winter in Manhattan Beach. I have no clue what Manhattan beach smells like, but by citrusy Italian fragrance is divine. I live with people who are really sensitive to scents, and this one never seemed to be a problem: it’s soft and light, but still powerful enough that I can continue to notice it for a while.


3-add-on-eyeshadowOkay, so that’s pretty awesome as is, but then I got a few add ons as well. When you include add ons with your boxes, there’s no additional shipping cost since it comes together and things are normally discounted pretty well. I chose the international mystery bundle, since half the fun for me is opening the unknown package, but I don’t know if I’ll do that again. I got a Christmas ornament full of hair baubles which are… okay. There was also an eyeshadow palette, but it’s not my favourite I’ve received from them. The colours are divided into 6 duos (top and bottom) or 3 quads (left, middle, and right), but they seem really lightly pigmented. It’ll be great for simple work looks, but anything more and this isn’t too useful anymore. Lastly, and most excitingly on this bundle, is the Deborah Lippmann nail polish in ‘happy birthday.’ It’s a multicoloured, sparkly polish that will be a lot of fun for holiday parties.


For my final item of the winter season, I ordered an eyeshadow palette, and this one is actually pretty awesome. This was a RealHer eyeshadow palette called Do Your Squats (others include I Feel Fabulous and Be Your Own Kind of Beauty). These are highly pigmented, and you can tell they all go together really well. Plus, there’s a combination of sparkly, shiny metallic options as well as matte ones, depending on the look you want. I can’t wait to use this for some holiday parties this year, since I know it’ll make me look great no matter what.



If you’re interested in getting one of these boxes, use this link here: http://xo.fff.me/eKLHC – it gets you $10 off of your first box! And if you’re interested in finding out all the info on these boxes the moment I get them, follow me on snapchat @renelaide!