Fourth time’s the charm: Who is Nick Viall anyway?

The new season of The Bachelor is starting soon, but who is Nick Viall anyway? Well, if you’ve been watching The Bachelorette in the past couple years or Bachelor in Paradise earlier this summer, then you’ll recognize him from three failed attempts at love.

bachelorette-andi-nickNick started off as the kind of gross guy on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. I didn’t like him there, but Andi did – until the final night. He was runner up to Josh Murray, the guy who won her heart then lost it soon after. People thought he was awkward, creepy, and kind of a dick. I can’t say I blame them.

Andi later detailed some pretty awkward conversations with Nick in the bedroom, where he started a ‘would you rather’ conversation while they had sex. Admittedly, not the best first time.

nick-kaitlyn-inline-506c0ded-bdee-4a94-9f89-b33d8b2a0469Then, he surprised everyone by showing up on one of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s group dates partway through the season. Apparently they had been talking before she went on The Bachelorette, because Bachelor Nation people are all rather friendly, and he wanted to show up to try his luck. They were immediately passionate, but fans didn’t like him. The ‘villain’ from Andi’s season had returned, which only intensified that status – plus, he was still kind of gross.

Fans were never going to give Nick the time of day on Bachelorette, especially as it hurt fan favourite Shawn Booth with jealousy. Once Kaitlyn admitted to sleeping with Nick after their first 1 on 1 date, he was written off completely. I guess he learned not to start weird conversations during sex, though. So… he missed out again when she stuck with her first choice, Shawn (PS, they’re still together, so at least that worked out).

Just this summer, he joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise for a third chance at love. I don’t know what changed, but from the first minute I liked him. I remembered his drama from before, and didn’t like him there, but somehow I was into it here. He gave funny commentary, supported all the girls, and seemed to be good friends with everyone. Suddenly the editors were on his side! And he was finally cute, which really helped his case.

nick-viall-bachelor-paradiseSO anyway, from the start he’s sort of interested in this girl Amanda. They hit it off, but on second episode Josh Murray arrives and immediately goes after the same girl. She got sucked in by Josh (literally, did you hear those kissing and eating noises? Gross!) and Nick was completely out of the picture. Sad. Then, very late in the season, Jen Saviano arrived and they started a little BiP relationship. As other couples got engaged in the finale (including Josh and Amanda, who are still together!), Nick realized he wasn’t in love and couldn’t jump into that relationship.

He was respectful, relatable, and altogether loveable. Fans rooted for him all season, and wanted to see happiness finally come for Nick. How did that complete 180° happen with fans, you ask? Well, it’s pretty easy. It’s probably not that he changed, so much as the producers and editors did. They realized he was cuter, happier, friendlier – and that they could create a redemption story that would bring a ton of views. And once that brought tons of views, and he didn’t end up with love… why not put him on The Bachelor!?

After JoJo’s season recently ended, everyone assumed hottie veteran-cowboy Luke Pell would get the Bachelor treatment. With moments to spare, suddenly Nick was given the title – and 30 women to pick between. So… let’s say hello to our new Bachelor!


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