Laugh Out the Old Year and Welcome the New with Vancouver TheatreSports’ Year in Review1

The lead-up to the US election, Kate and Will’s visit, climate change, the demise of Brangelina and the construction of more bike lanes are just a few of the stories that grabbed the headlines in 2016. These stories and more will provide fodder for Vancouver TheatreSports’™ (VTSL) quick-witted improvisers as they journey back through the headlines this past year with Year in Review.

Running December 26-31, at The Improv Centre on Granville Island, Year in Review finds the funny in the important, and not so important, events of this past year. Working with suggestions from the audience, VTSL improvisers create on-the-spot mash-up interpretations of various events, all certain to elicit maximum hilarity.

“With all the bad news out there, everyone needs a good laugh right now,” says Executive Director Jay Ono. “It’s been said that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and I truly believe that.”

Laugh out the old year and welcome the new as VTSL revisits the top stories, celebrity scandals and political fiascos with Year in Review. You’ll laugh til your face hurts. “I went New Year’s Eve with a group. Great night out. The players are so fast. Very funny. I will go again,” Tom S., Google review.  Tickets on sale now at


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