Top Five: Nick Viall’s Bachelor women! (plus a break-down of everyone)

This season, The Bachelor is going all out and providing their man (Nick Viall) with thirty women to choose from. Thirty! 3-0! Normally it’s somewhere around 25, so I guess they really wanted to make sure it stuck this time. I guess they really don’t want to see Nick show up on another season.

Lots of people have already analyzed this batch of girls, including Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel, but I’ll make things easy. Below, I’ve listed who I think the top five will be (they might even be on my fantasy league!) and then I’ve given a few details about all the rest. Check out all their info on ABC’s website.

Okay, so this top five isn’t in order. Here’s a few girls I picked out that I liked most, but I could be way off since I’m not checking out spoilers this year.

  1. Corinne: 24 and a “business owner.” She wants to be a cheetah, so finally we have some diversity. She hates when her date is in love with themselves… so I don’t know how much she’ll enjoy this show. I can’t tell whether she’ll be the pushover girl, or a powerhouse on the show – I’m intrigued though.
  2. Danielle M: 31 and a neonatal nurse. She’s on the older side of this season, but I’m into it. Her fiancé died, so she’s also the sad-story person but she’s also mature. I expect she’ll stay around for a while. (plus, how cute is her hair!)
  3. Kristina: 24, dental hygienist. I like her, and she has an orphan/adoption story plus an alcoholic mum story that will put her smack into the sad-story category like Danielle M. She might be a bit young, but I expect she’ll stick around for a while.
  4. Rachel: 31, attorney. Another older woman for the show, but I really like her. She seems mature and intelligent, and hopefully that helps her stick around for a while.
  5. Susannah: 26, account manager. She seems mature but also ready to have a good time – exactly what this show wants in a contestant. I can’t place what it was, but I really liked some of her answers.

And now for all the other women… there’s a lot of them, but hopefully this will help you get some ideas before you have to pick your favourites!

Alexis: 23 and an aspiring dolphin trainer who can’t live without whitening strips or false eyelashes. She’s cute, but doesn’t seem that bright – and a bit young. Her look reminds me of Jade.

Angela: 26 and a model, with a big fake grin to match. She’d also be an animal though, so maybe she’ll get along with Alexis. Her five year plan is suitable for the show: married with a kid.

Astrid: 26, plastic surgery office manager. I’m not actually sure what that job entails, but why does everyone want to be a dolphin??

Briana: 28, surgical unit nurse. This is literally the fourth person in a row who wants to be a flipping dolphin. And Little Mermaid, is this code for something?

Brittany: 26 and a travel nurse (what does that mean?). I like her though, she seems a bit more intelligent and stable.

Christen: 25 and a wedding videographer. She’s very Christian (life of Jesus in symbols as a tattoo on her wrist?) and is really interested in the president, but she seems pretty nice.

Danielle L: 27 and a small business owner. She seems strong and determined, her answers to all the silly questions were thought out and intelligent. I really like her.

Dominique: 25, waitress in LA (read: struggling actress). Nothing really stood out about her, she seems nice but I didn’t find any real spark with her.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’: 29, doula. Her face seems genuine, but her answers turned me off. She’s an open Belieber, and picks her nose in the car. Attractive.

Elizabeth: 24, and she’s a marketing manager. She has this misophonia condition that means certain sounds negatively effect her mood. Never heard that one before!

Hailey: 23, photographer, and the resident Canadian (from Vancouver, like me!). She’s got a bunch of tattoos and thinks only children are weird (ouch). Her photo looks like she’s trying too hard to seem genuine.

Ida Marie: 23, and a sales manager. I’m sorry, but her photo gives her a bit of crazy eyes, or something. She can’t sing, so you know she’ll be on one of those group dates – get ready for uncomfortable dates, you guys! Oh, and when asked what her favourite book or author is, she couldn’t answer.

*Okay, halfway through you guys… this is a long list!*

Jaimi: She’s 28, a chef, and she catered the Oscars. That’s pretty special, but her biggest fear is not knowing if someone loves her as much as she loves them… which is exactly the premise of this show. Awkward. Oh, and you know what her special diet is? “Pesco-pollo-lacto-ovo-paro-tarian.” WTF does that mean.

Jasmine B: 25, flight attendant. She cares about what people think too much, so hopefully she doesn’t get picked on this season. This girl isn’t interested in chasing men, so what do you wanna bet she never gets time with Nick on the first night? I don’t dislike her though, so hopefully she makes it through.

Jasmine G: 29, pro-basketball dancer (so… cheerleader?). She likes sports, food, and is a sorority girl. I think she’ll do well here.

Josephine: 24, registered nurse. I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t like her yet. She had a good book choice (A Thousand Splendid Suns) and had thoughtful answers, but something in her picture just didn’t sit right.

Lacey: 25, digital marketing manager. She knows Arabic which is really cool, but she’s going on a show that is her biggest fear – knowing the guy has another date right after.

Lauren: 30 and a law school grad. Doesn’t mean she’s actually employed right now though… Again with wanting to be a dolphin, but she does

Michelle: 24, she owns a food truck which is pretty cool, but she’s got some crazy eyes going on. She seems fun, her answers seemed pretty good – hopefully she’s just not super comfortable in front of the camera.

Olivia: 25, sales rep. Last time there was an Olivia, she became the bitch of the season. This girl seems really sweet, so hopefully she stays around.

Raven: 25, fashion boutique owner. We’ve got another case of crazy eyes, and she just seems a little ditzy. Oh well!

Sarah: 26, grade school teacher. I don’t know what it is, but I imagine her talking to everyone like one talks to a baby.

Taylor: 23, mental health counsellor. To impress a man she needs to “look bomb” and Forever 21 is her favourite clothing designer. She seems a little immature, no?

Vanessa: 29, special education teacher. She’s from Montreal, Canada so does that mean she’ll be a French addition to the show? That could be fun, but she seems very focused on family opinions which could be a downfall on hometown dates.

Whitney: 25 and a Pilates instructor. As Jen Aniston says, that’ll make her “very bendy” but probably not going to last too long. She also answered a question about the theatre by talking about movies, which I don’t think is what they meant.

If you were looking at their full bios, did you notice we have a lot more diversity this year? That’s exciting. I wonder if it’s just ABC finally getting with the times a little more, or if it was something to do with Nick as the bachelor this season. I guess we’ll see, with who he keeps first episode.

I kind of fell off on this a bit by the end, because there’s just so.many.girls. It’s crazy. They seemed to form two pretty easily definable groups. First had the ditzy girls, self-centred women, and others that you can easily assume will go pretty quickly; and the second group had people with sad stories, who seemed intelligent, or who were unbelievably gorgeous so you know they’d stick around for a while. Hopefully, that makes picks a little easier for fantasy leagues!

So who are your favourites? Let me know, and tweet along with me on Monday for the season premiere @reviewsbylauren! Plus, check back on January 1st for a post about some simple party hosting tips!

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