Vancouver Theatre Sports look back at 2016 in hilarious Year In Review

The lead-up to the US election, Kate and Will’s visit, climate change, the demise of Brangelina and the construction of more bike lanes are just a few of the stories that grabbed the headlines in 2016 and graced the stage last night at VTSL’s inaugural and uproariously funny night of Year in Review.

Running December 26-31, at The Improv Centre on Granville Island, Year in Review finds the funny in the important, and not so important, events of this past year. Working with suggestions from the audience, VTSL improvisers create on-the-spot mash-up interpretations of various events, all certain to elicit maximum hilarity.

Have you ever seen Big Fat Quiz of the Year? It’s this fantastic British panel-quiz show that airs at the end of every year, covering some of the ridiculous and most talked about news and pop-culture from that year. I expected this to be something like that, although maybe not in the same format. Turns out this was pretty similar in how it riffed on news from this year, but they used improv games as the vehicle.

Every show is different. They change up the actors and news stories, and audience suggestions will always help to lead things in different directions too. They started off with this game ‘Just a Minute’ where two people work on making the best improv scene ever…until the others stop them to critique, trading places in the process. It was hilarious seeing them comment on not taking sips of coffee often enough, holding imaginary paper wrong, and not acting their lines well enough. But my favourite game? When two men acted as roommates doing the dishes, occasionally reading lines from either the new Gilmore Girls series or Donald Trump tweets and fitting that into the scene. Who knew that could ever fit so well?

If laughter is the best medicine, then I don’t think I’ve ever been this healthy. VTSL is definitely a go-to for me now, after two great shows back to back. Tickets on sale now at

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