Trailer Roundup: 16/12/29

Is it just me, or was anyone else swamped last week with Christmas? I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the snowfall (I’m in Vancouver – this almost never happens!) or my choice to do all the shopping and baking at the last minute… but I just didn’t have time to do my write up. I did take a little time out this week to check out the new trailers, so let’s catch up!

Admittedly, we got a lot more this week than last, so I’ll jump straight in with some animated fare.

The Boss Baby

(March 31)- The first full trailer for this is out and… it actually looks incredibly fun. It’s like Toy Story, but with babies instead.

Despicable Me 3

(June 30)- With an 80s-style villain, now? Gru seems as fun as ever, but thank god the Minions are pretty much gone. If they’re not in this, then I’ll be totally on board with watching.

The Emoji Movie

(August 4)- Did anybody get excited when they heard of this idea? Why in the world would this be a good movie? Angry Birds wasn’t good… We don’t need any of these, so please just stop.


Then we’ve got a couple summer blockbusters to talk about as well.

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

(January 20)- Okay, so this isn’t a summer movie, but the last trailer for xXx just came out and it still looks pretty fun. For anyone into Fast & the Furious movies, but not just with cars, then they’ll love this franchise.

John Wick: Chapter 2

(February 10)- The first one was a great critical success and career resurgence for Keanu Reeves, so let’s hope this one is just as good. Did anyone else get a bit of a Neo from the Matrix, but with more guns vibe? At least in the editing?

The Lost City of Z

(April 14)- So I really don’t know anything about this one, but it looks pretty interesting. British explorers disappearing in the Amazon… what could go wrong with that portrayal? I just hope they don’t make tribespeople look like savages.

Alien: Covenant

(May 19)- After Prometheus reawakened the Alien franchise, we have another explorer ship. This time, it comes across the same planet, one which only Michael Fassbender’s synthetic creation of David is present. I’m so happy to see Fassbender back in this one, because I absolutely loved the robotic elements of his character and how he balanced that with the curiosity. This time, it seems we’ll be getting some new alien creatures for the cast to deal with, as well.


(July 21)- There’s nothing to say about this other than this.looks.incredible. Christopher Nolan seems to be on fine form with this one, reusing some of his favourite actors (Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy) and picking up a few others as well (Kenneth Branaugh, Mark Rylance). What’s weird is Harry Styles from One Direction is also in this, but I’ll try not to let that freak me out too much.

I’ll give a little recap of what happened. The British are in WWII, at Dunkirk, and they’re pinned down by the Germans. There are hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers on the beaches, desperate for rescue. This isn’t WWII from the American POV, it doesn’t seem like war is being glorified, or in any way celebrated here. Sure, we’ll definitely get a heroic vision of these men but it also seems to be a lot more real. People are fearful, they’re desperate to flee, they don’t want to be in war… and I can’t wait to see such a mainstream, blockbuster-style movie show something from this point of view.

Bladerunner: 2049

(October 6)- And this is a little after summer blockbuster season, but it looks damn good. Harrison Ford is back, and Ryan Gosling has joined up for Denis Villeneuve’s newest addition to the film series. This teaser looks good, and it didn’t even tell us anything about the movie.


Plus, some other films had trailers release too.


(January 6)- I love including awful-looking movies with Nicolas Cage. It’s just such an easy movie to rag on. What’s going on with his hair here? Why did anybody think that was a good stylistic choice? John Cusack is also in this, so clearly he’s gone downhill lately.

Alone in Berlin

(January 13)- Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson lose their son during WWII, and they begin surreptitiously writing anti-Nazi cards. I’m incredibly excited for this movie, the trailer seems intense and I’d love to see another Daniel Bruhl role (he’s certainly getting a lot of them, with the resurgence of WWII movies).

A Cure for Wellness

(February 17)- Another (international) trailer for this American-German psychological thriller and it still looks pretty intense. To be honest, I think this got me even more interested, despite it telling me even less. Wondering what that fantastic cover is? It’s Mirel Wagner doing Ramones’ I Wanna Be Sedated. I can’t get enough.

Everybody Loves Somebody

(February 17)-This seems really cute. Kind of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and The Wedding Date, and a whole lot of other movies all rolled into one Mexican family, a past lover, and a new relationship.

Going in Style

(April 7)- So the trailer starts out with three old men watching the Bachelorette. Misogynistic jokes are really fun, you guys. Then, their pensions get cut and they decide to rob a bank. It was supposed to be a funny trailer, I think, but it just didn’t come off. Another old-men-living-life-and-breaking-rules movie, but I’m kind of over it by now.


(April 21)- I’m not sure whether I’m into this or not. On one hand, it looks pretty good and I like Rosario Dawson. On the other? Katherine Heigl… I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, because I used to enjoy her movies, but she doesn’t have too successful of a track record. Plus, I’ve seen the whole movie from this trailer, so what’s the point?


(May 12)- Off Trainwreck success, Amy Schumer has decided to continue her raunchy-comedy movie career. More power to her, but this just doesn’t seem that interesting to me? Maybe for a late night Netflix experience, but that’s about it.


Everyone loves Richard Gere right? Especially lately, with these wonderful later-in-life roles that he’s been managing to pick up. His mannerisms seem completely changed in this trailer, more meek and dismissed by everyone, and that seems incredibly exciting.


So what movies coming up soon are you excited for? Let me know! Plus, chat with me by tweeting @reviewsbylauren or on snapchat @renelaide! Check back on January 5th for the next edition!

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