Top 5: Favourite Movies of the Year

So this list is going to be a little all over the place. I’m not including many of the critically acclaimed movies in the running for awards, but instead focusing on just pure enjoyment. So check out my list below, and let me know what your favourites were on Twitter @reviewsbylauren!

  1. Deadpool. I didn’t really know anything in the lead up to seeing this one. I hadn’t paid attention during the Sony leaks or all the Ryan Reynolds drama, I just knew people were excited and then I saw the trailer and immediately got excited as well. It feels so different from all the other Marvel and DC movies. Just like Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Ryan Reynolds seemed to really fit the goofy, asshole anti-hero he’s playing, and I couldn’t get enough. Plus, it’s fun to see your own city (Vancouver) as the backdrop.
  2. The Nice Guys. When I think about movies that came out this year, this is one that I keep going back to. It was a great movie for film buffs with all the little touches that were reminiscent of old school buddy cop and crime movies, but it was also a great movie to turn your brain off and just have a little fun with. Gosling and Crowe were a great pair, and believe me – I didn’t exactly expect that from the start.
  3. Arrival. My full review is here, but I’ll sum it up quickly by saying I still think about how good this small scale sci-fi offering is. The change in perception of time, the focus on a female lead, the incredibly personal story… it was different from so much of what we see now, and I absolutely loved it.
  4. La La Land. Another Ryan Gosling entry, and it’s quite lovely. You can find all my thoughts on the upcoming Mad About Movies podcast I’ll be guesting on, coming out early January!
  5. Captain America: Civil War. I didn’t want to include another superhero movie on this list, but it’s probably one of the best movies so far in the MCU. It took a real political bent in this one which I loved, and I loved the fleshing out of some characters here. I expected Iron Man and Captain America to take opposite sides from what they ended up on, but that just makes it more interesting. I was fascinated by Black Panther, and can’t wait to see more from both him and Spiderman in their upcoming solo films. This was a great way to start out the third stage of the MCU.

And I may as well talk about some of my least favourite movies of the year as well…so here goes:

  1. EVERYTHING DC. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was utter crap. Nothing else to say about it really. The whole mommy thing was absolutely ridiculous, we didn’t need another origin story for Batman or the excessive slo-mo with his mother’s pearl necklace. I fast-forwarded through the main fight scene with a nondescript monster that is apparently a big thing in the comics. Honestly the best scene was Batman’s cross-fit thing, because he wasn’t speaking or in the ridiculous costume that made him like like a poor equally wealthy-man’s Iron Man. Suicide Squad was awful, and I’m disappointed I actually gave DC my money for that one. There were plot holes all over the place, you didn’t care about a single character, and they flipped the Harley Quinn/Joker relationship on it’s head. He’s supposed to be abusive, that’s a big thing about their relationship, and instead the movie made the whole thing seem… tame and almost healthy. I was so looking forward to Wonder Woman but, with these offerings being so bad, I’ve lost a lot of hope.

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