December Podcast Roundup

In November, I re-listened to the first season of Serial. It’s one of the first podcasts I ever discovered and I’ll never forget how fascinated I was with that. So fascinated, I’ve consistently been searching for new shows that will bring me that same level of dedication and attachment. Check out my top five podcasts like Serial s1 here, and let me know if you have any more.

As for this month, there was a lot going on. I found this great new podcast Terms and I really got stuck into The Black Tapes, a show that recently finished its second season.


Although it started in November, Terms has really got into the swing of things this month. It’s a serialized political drama, clearly taking a lot of inspiration from the actual American Presidential election, but it diverges after that. It’s a fun fantasy (what if the President really did conspire to remove the President-elect?), and I’ll definitely be checking in on future roundups to explore the developments. For now, I’ll just let you discover it for yourself without spoiling anything. It’s a short show, so you can catch up really quickly.

Regularly Scheduled Podcasts

What have we learned so far in Homecoming? Well, the patients are given medicine through their mandated lunches and Heidi doesn’t remember anything about her job at the Homecoming project -exactly like the patients themselves. Then Colin shows up at the diner, asks for Heidi’s table, and asks her on a date like he’s never seen her before. It’s weird getting this divide between Colin as her ruthless boss and this fake Colin as the guy trying to help her… She remembers once he brings her to the scene of the program, and that’s when the DoD shows up again. It’s intense, and the last episode of the season was too. We get the last of her sessions with Walter Cruz, we find out how she forgot the Homecoming project, and the best moment of all: when she hangs up on Colin.

I expect season two will bring a search for Walter, and Colin chasing after them in hopes they won’t destroy everything he’s worked on in the ensuing five years. But we will see, I’ll make sure to let you know when it gets released.

Growing up I loved all kinds of radio plays (dramas, thrillers, mysteries… the list goes on), but I never thought a psychological thriller without explicit narration could ever be done so well just through audio. That’s a great testament to all their actors, who have painted these elaborate pictures of each character and keep me wanting to know more.

Chop Bard is a new one I’ve started listening to. Hosted by Ehren Ziegler, he chooses a Shakespearean play and scene by scene, line by line analyzes them and breaks it down into something everybody can understand. He calls it the cure for boring Shakespeare, and that’s certainly what I’ve found. It’s a great way to dive in and learn way more than I ever thought I could about the plays, and the period they were written in. His passion about it really captured my attention, and I love that he cites all his sources in the show notes so I can go even further in depth, if ever I need.

I’ve only joined on for the newest play he’s covering, A Winter’s Tale, but I’m already hooked after the first two scenes. If that play doesn’t interest you, he has a great back catalogue including seasons on Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth.

Last for regularly scheduled is the Mad About Movies show. I brought this one up quite recently, but there’s a new development! They’ve started adding guests to each episode… and yours truly is going to be featured on their first episode of January! Look for their La La Land review episode coming up on a Tuesday in early 2017, and let me know if you like my thoughts!


If you like The X Files or Serial season one, you might like The Black Tapes. Unexplained paranormal activity is tracked through Alex Reagan’s investigation of Dr. Strand and his Institute, and then they delve deeper. They recently finished season two (12 episodes each), and there’s a lot of questions still unanswered. Luckily a third season is in the works, so I won’t be missing my fix too much longer.


So what did I miss? Help me curate January’s round up! What are your favourite podcasts, new or old? Are there any types of shows you’re looking to find more of (history, news, stories, etc)? Let me know, and I can start searching for some of the best. Tweet me @reviewsbylauren or comment below.