Party Hosting Tips: The Bachelor edition

The Bachelor starts tomorrow, so why not start a girls night tradition! I’ve included five tips below to help make your watching-party the best it can be!

My Bachelor nights have always been focused on girl talk and making fun of the show. It was always more about getting together with friends than the show, but using my Bachelor fantasy league we were able to balance the two pretty well. Make sure you invite people who are keen to watch the same way you are, whether that’s serious, competitive, or goofy.

Next up, you need the right food and drink. I always went with wine, to match the show, but we’d normally have everyone bring their own so it wasn’t too expensive for the host.

As for the food, we mixed it up. One season my friends and I all rotated who would bring dessert for the group. Another time, we rotated with¬†appetizers. Last season, we ordered different take out each week and just split the cost. All of those options have one thing in common: everyone splits the cost and effort. That way, the host isn’t stressed night-of and no one feels like they’re spending more than everyone else.

I also recommend a fantasy league. You can throw a little betting into the mix if you’re competitive like that, or just do the league as normal. I created one for the upcoming season, but you could also make your own or find another option. My girls and I normally all contribute some type of chocolate that we hide away until the final episode and the winner from our league is revealed.

And lastly… get comfy. It’s more fun if there’s lots of pillows and blankets, and everyone is in their comfy, relaxation clothes. It’s a girls night, so bring out the nail polish and face masks if you want… Whatever it is that will make¬†this night your perfect evening for some friend-time, go for it!