Nick Viall’s off to a good start as new Bachelor season begins

Many people claimed they would never in a million years watch this season of The Bachelor. They hated Nick from his two times as runner up on The Bachelorette, they weren’t swayed by the kind editing in Bachelor in Paradise, and they refused to watch when the ‘wrong’ man was chosen. But here we are, getting ready to watch another dramatic season.

Let’s be honest: the first episode is always a bit of a shit show. The entrances are either forgettable or embarrassing; the women scrambling for time with him seem desperate, bitchy, overconfident, or way too shy; and there’s always one or two girls that you know will go far in this show, from when they first step out of the limo. It’s not love at first sight, it’s good editing.

This week, Nick met up with some previous Bachelors, chatted with Chris Harrison, then met all the women and handed out some roses. We get into all the details below, so check it out!

We start out with the normal shirtless scenes, and proof that editors are continuing to make him the “honest” bachelor – he really does want to find love, and is a goofy person you guys! He understands all those critiques we had in the first two seasons! Yea, let’s see how long before this perfect ‘honesty’ sticks. At least he got better looking after the first two seasons of The Bachelorette?

So first up, Nick sits down with Sean Lowe (successful Bachelor), Chris Soules (unsuccessful), and Ben Higgins (sort of successful?). That’s three men who didn’t really like him initially, and it seemed pretty obvious Chris still isn’t a fan. Nick tries to talk about why he’s nervous and all the men kind of brushed him off, apparently no one likes the guy who gets four chances.

After that, Chris Harrison makes his annual trip to the Bachelor mansion to introduce the season. Nick was “broken,” but there are women ready to fall in love. At night, Rachel likes to vacuum and sing alone in her fabulous-looking apartment. Vanessa speaks French, English, and Italian and works with special needs children. She desperately wants to be a mom and hopes she’ll have an engagement ring soon. I think Josephine is trying to be crazy? She’s talking to seals and just… she’s showing off some real personality a bit too early. Corinne describes herself as a “very serious businesswoman” which really fits with the bikini-clad woman who needs a nanny. And last for the big intros, is Liz. She met Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, they danced the night away when he asked for her number and she said no because she thought he was “just being nice.” What man asks for a woman’s number just to be nice?

c1nfy1kxcaaeqvaOkay, who’s ready to meet the screechy girls now? A lot of them went so quickly, not trying to make some weird sexy joke or bring some prop to be memorable. Thank god we might be over that trend a little bit… Then, Christen shows up with a yellow fan that she waves around a little bit and calls him a celebrity. Taylor’s friends think he’s a “piece of shit” and then Kristina says the same thing but in a much better way. Lauren calls them a “disgusting slut” and Ida Marie goes for a trust fall which actually seemed pretty cute. Olivia from Alaska went in for an eskimo kiss, and again that seemed to work out well for her. The more innocent ‘memorable’ things seem to work out a lot better than anything else. Sarah runs in with a runner up joke that Nick seemed to take pretty well.  Jasmine G’s dress is GORGEOUS but then she brought Neil Lane to pick out her favourite ring. Product placement AND being weirdly presumptuous? That’s a bit awkward.

Speaking of dresses… it’s basically a sea of red over there. I know red normally stands out, but on a show like The Bachelor you should really assume everyone will go for it. Suddenly, the girls start getting a little catty. Everyone is laughing at dolphin-shark girl, and the girl who brought a camel and talked about humping. Yea, there were certainly some weird ones, but now the fun begins.

He has a few quick chats and seems pretty chummy with Rachel and Vanessa before Corinne cuts in. She gave him tokens for whatever he wants (was it only me, or did your mind go immediately to sex as well?) and then she cuts in later to get the first kiss of the season. Not to be one-upped, Jasmine G tries to get time with him but is shut down, and ends up crying. Boohoo.

Then, Liz sat down with Nick to remind him of their tryst but shock: he remembered. As he asks her a few questions about why she’s here, it sort of comes out that it’s because he’s the bachelor, and her opinion of him changed after Bachelor in Paradise. So… she still had a negative opinion of him after they had sex?

Corinne has been getting more and more intense all episode, and it’s really getting annoying. Anyone else tired of her yet? She seems to be the clear pick for crazy villain this season, but she runs her daddy’s multi-million dollar company! And the previews seem to show her hooking up with Nick? Oh the drama!

Who stays: Rachel (first impression), Vanessa, Danielle L, Christen, Astrid, Corinne, Elizabeth W, Jasmine G, Raven, Kristina, Danielle M, Sarah, Josephine, Lacey, Taylor, Alexis, Hailey, Whitney, Dominique, Jamie, Brittany, and with the last rose… Nick chose Liz. I guess he’s already had sex with her so that’s a bonus, but I can’t wait for the drama once everyone finds out.

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