Normal relationships start with naked wedding photos right? Nick Viall has some weird first dates on The Bachelor

Last week Nick met all the women, giving Rachel the first impression rose and immediately stirring up some drama with Corinne who’s already kissed him. This week, there are naked women, wedding photos, yacht dates, and lots of breakups.

Corinne, Vanessa, Sarah, Alexis, Hailey, Lacey, Brittany, Jasmine, Raven, Danielle L, Taylor, and Elizabeth W end up on the first date “always a bridesmaid…” Corinne thinks she’s a natural born bride, and in her dream FIRST date with Nick she wants to get married. I can’t deal with how crazy she immediately sounds.

“Nothing is more appropriate on a first date, than seeing what your wedding photos will look like.” No Nick, anything is more appropriate than this. I can’t imagine anyone thought this would be a good idea, but surprisingly it ends up being a great bonding experience for all the women. Everyone is kissing him a little bit, supporting each other, and really getting into the fun of a group date. And then there’s Corinne. Get ready for lots of talk about her for the next few weeks.

She’s upset because Brittany is basically naked for her photos – Adam and Eve, but with hair instead of a leaf-bra – but she’s in a bikini and ends up taking it off for some scandalous beach wedding photos. Somehow, she thinks she’ll immediately win the rose (and his heart) because of her classless options. He looked so awkward, though. “Like he held my booooobs. No one ever has ever held my boobs like that.” She just has no class, so even if he’s attracted to her right now I don’t see him picking her in the end.

Jasmine G full on kisses him, then it’s free reign for everyone to go all out. “Tastes like Danielle” …and Nick summed that up: “so weird!” Corinne is so over it, though. She can’t handle that he’s kissing other girls on this date. She cuts in on other people’s conversations and gets really passive aggressive with Taylor: “cheers, bitches.” Even though she interrupted Nick and Taylor, she got so passive aggressive when Taylor cut back in later. I just can’t deal with her cattiness. And then, in the end she got the group date rose. I guess that shows Nick is more interested in a bit of fun over a real relationship? Even though he had a lot of good conversations with the other girls.

Danielle M gets the first one on one, with a relationship that’s “about to take off.” They have some serious chats and end up having a really cute date. They each talk about past relationships, and she really quickly opened up about the dead fiancé story. I’m happy that didn’t become a big dramatic thing she held onto for a while, and she still got a rose in the end.

While they have their fantastic helicopter, yacht date Liz finally tells someone out her one night stand with Nick. And honestly, Christen doesn’t seem very sympathetic? Every time people talk about sex with Nick, it really doesn’t seem that exciting. Does anyone else get that same feeling?

Christen, Josephine, Astrid, Jamie, Kristina, and Liz “need to talk…” and yea, that’s definitely true. Liz needs to get over her stalker vibes, although unfortunately I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon. Nick seems really uninterested in her throughout the date, either zoning out or focusing on others the whole time. They head over to the Museum of Broken Relationships, and go in search of the item he donated. Unsurprisingly, it’s a rose and engagement ring. Yea, not too exciting.

What is exciting, is this major breakup date. Everyone gets up with him and does some dramatic fake breakup. He gets slapped, accused of calling girls fat or drinking too much, and then there’s Liz. She literally outs their dating story in front of everyone, and it was so.incredibly.uncomfortable. “I’m living my nightmare” is definitely not something Nick should be thinking on a date.

He decides to tell the women about his previously relationship with Liz and the rest is to be continued. They love pushing rose ceremonies to the start of next episode, but that’s happening a lot earlier this time around. I guess telling people he’s not a virgin is a cliffhanger?

Roses: Corinne (group), Danielle M (1on1), and the rest is next week.