Trailer Roundup: 17/01/12

I feel like I didn’t actually hear about many new trailers this week, so I had to really go searching for new stuff. I’ve added a couple miniseries into the mix this week that look really fantastic, and a few updates to things we’ve seen before. Now we get a bit more plot in Cars 3, so I guess that’s something?

Check it all out below!

So let’s get to some of the smaller movies first:

Monkey King 2

This looks like it’ll have a really cool style going on. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about, but I’m definitely interested.

Railroad Tigers

(January 6)- So apparently this came out last week, but the first trailer I saw was from last Friday so I’m not really sure. Either way, I wanted to include this because I love the style of the title card scenes! It really relates back to the style of WWII and Cold War propaganda imagery, without being obviously divisive. Also, I actually really loved that the trailer didn’t use dialogue from the film at the beginning. I know that’s because it’s a Chinese movie and not in English, but made it a lot more interesting of a trailer.

Get the Girl

(January 27)- wait, what’s going on here? You know what tagline we absolutely never needed was? “Nice guys don’t always finish last.” Unless they were mocking the nice guys idea, because this guy they’re calling a “nice guy” is paying people to kidnap her so he can look like he’s rescuing her? And then she’s rescuing herself, or so it seems… I don’t really know. All the guys in this seem like psychopaths though.

Don’t Knock Twice

(February 3)- Apparently lots of horror is coming out this February, but I don’t understand why. Since when is the month of dates the right time for that, isn’t all this stuff supposed to come out in October? It doesn’t bode too well for this movie, but I really enjoy Katee Sackhoff and this seems to have a really good creepy vibe. Also, super into the heavy female focus on this one.

Bakery in Brooklyn

Two girls can’t decide how to run a bakery, so they get into feuds but end up coming together to help each other and keep the bakery successful? Of course, seems pretty straightforward. And is one of them the wild child while the other is sacrificial and proper? Who could have guessed.


And then we’ve also got some bigger, more popular fare as well:


(January 27)- I enjoy a lot of Matthew McConaughey movies. From the bad rom coms and the meh dramatic turns, to the Oscar-worthy roles he pulls out. This one… I’m just not into. It just feels too much like Wolf of Wall Street, from the way they’re cutting the trailer and overlaying music to the assumed moral depravity of the main character. But it also feels like you’re supposed to sympathize when he loses the money? I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem that good.

Beauty and the Beast

(March 17)- We have a new TV spot for this live action version and unfortunately I don’t know if it’ll do too well. I love Beauty and the Beast, but it feels exactly the same as the original animated version. Although I always love Lumiere and am sure to love Ewan McGregor’s rendition, and Emma Watson is wonderful… I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get behind this.


Cars 3

(June 16)- So we’ve finally got a bit more information about this movie. This time, it’s about not knowing when to give up basically. Funny no one at Pixar decided to end on a high note (the first one). Plus, here’s the third spot.


(May 26)- This is just as absurd and objectifying as the previous trailers, but this time it’s international. Sure, they reference the slow motion running classic from the original, but the trailer doesn’t give any hint of doing the same objectifying things like panning shots to the men. So what you’d expect from a movie redoing such a cliched TV series isn’t happening. And this doesn’t even look as cheesy as the original, which definitely would have made it more fun.



And lastly, some series…


(January 7)- Technically this has already started, but since I haven’t talked about it yet I needed to say something now. Created from a story by the Hardy’s (star of the show Tom Hardy and his father ‘Chips’), this 19th century show looks so intense. Period pieces are apparently quite popular right now, and the more intense stories like this always call out to me. Tom Hardy actually seems to be talking instead of mumbling, and the idea of this brutal man coming back to revenge his father sounds great.



(January 20)- This came out in November, but Netflix has picked it up and will be bringing it over on January 20th. I haven’t checked it out yet (because who has Discovery channel?) but I can’t wait to see it. The 18th century Canadian frontier drama is definitely an exciting concept. Especially as it looks a lot more tense and fast-paced than The Revenant. Plus, who can get enough of Jason Momoa?

The Handmaid’s Tale

(April 26)- Hulu’s first trailer for this dystopian story based on a Margaret Atwood novel is here and it.looks.good. I’m so happy so many people are branching out into the world of TV, as it’s such a great medium to really delve into their themes in more than two hours.


So what movies are you excited to check out? Did I miss any trailers you want me to talk about? Let me know on twitter @reviewsbylauren!