Visceral and moving, The Fighting Season shines as a fascinating study of war medics

Following three people as they recount the details of a single dramatic event during the Afghan War, The Fighting Season is a harsh, powerful reminder of the toll war takes on everyone.

Told primarily through monologues as each character talks to a counselor or army official, they briefly interact as their stories intersect. They all have one defining connection: when an injured Afghani man came in on a helicopter, with a bomb where his intestines should be. Kristy (Kyle Jespersen) is the paramedic from the helicopter, Terry (Tom Pickett) is the surgeon, and Karine (Siona Gareau-Brennan) is the nurse.

Despite that heavy topic, I was impressed by how effortlessly they added in lighter moments, which made it that much more meaningful. Those allowed us to really connect with the characters, and made them into such real people – instead of caricatures of war. Slight changes in sound or lighting made massive effect here, as it helped set the mood of someone’s imagination or increase the intensity of their fear.

It’s all about the psychological wounds that linger after returning home: the horror at what happened, fear of going back, patriotism as others question the cause, and sometimes a deep-seated desire to return. The team that wowed audiences at 2015 Fringe Festival is back with this newer, more fleshed out production. Now, it has a longer running time which delves deeper into the heart of this moving story by award-winning local playwright Sean Harris Oliver.

TICKETS: All tickets just $35 . Single tickets on sale now through The Cultch’s Box Office: 604-251-1363 or Plus, enjoy a lively post-show Q&A session with the artists: Jan 12 & 17: 8PM; Jan 15: 2PM

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