Upbeat and engaging, The (Post) Mistress is a great addition to the Surrey Civic Theatre’s lineup

Patricia Cano returns to her role in this touring production of The (Post) Mistress, next up in Surrey. She plays Marie-Louise, a charming postal worker in the fictional town of Lovely (in francophone Northern Ontario). She knows everything about everyone, reveling in the gossip and seemingly reading all the townspeople’s dirty laundry through their letters. Not that she opens them, mind-you.

She tracks the loves and losses of those around her, escaping into their stories when she needs a release from her own. Cano is spectacular throughout, bringing such amazing depth to the character and a sensitivity I wasn’t expecting. This one-woman show has so much heart, all coming from Cano’s quirky performance. She knows exactly how to project to the audience to inspire devilish camaraderie and

Songs are performed in English, French, and Cree, accompanied by piano and saxophone. Her voice is incredible, reminding me of Amy Winehouse with her power and range. It was hard to pick favourite songs in this show, but the first one of the night (performed in Cree) about someone’s Brazilian lover was a lot of fun. Just like the first song after intermission, when Cano gets caught up thinking about travelling to Latin America and having a glorious fling with some man. The creativity and imagination behind the performance and at the forefront of viewers minds is enough to make this a standout performance for me, but then we also get more serious and saddening topics. “Man of Twenty Something” was a fantastic piece about love gone brutally wrong, and it became an immediate favourite. I just wish there was a soundtrack I could listen to.

The (Post) Mistress is a beautiful musical about the size of the human spirit. […] It celebrates transcendence and resilience in the human experience, and Tomson [Highway] creates remarkably fresh imagery that informs and frames both the story and the music.” – director John Cooper.

Arts Club Theatre Company On Tour with The (Post) Mistress—the small-town cabaret of sealed secrets—at the Main Stage at Surrey Arts Centre (13750–88 Avenue) from January 11 to 21. Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm, Saturday and Sunday at 4pm. Running time is approximately 2 hours 10 minutes, including intermission. Tickets are $25 to $55, including all fees. Box Office: 604-501-5566 | 13750–88 Avenue. Tickets Online: tickets.surrey.ca.