STOMP proves we all have the ability to be creative in a fun night of percussion

Even a cacophony can be beautiful, as STOMP proves in their fun percussion-filled night. They have made their return to Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, until January 15.

Created by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas 26 years ago, this has grown into an international sensation, performing all over the world and bringing their unique style to millions of people.


They use everything at their disposal, whether that’s stiff-bristle brooms, sinks, paint cans… or (one of my favourites) Zippo lighters. They never use conventional percussion instruments, but that just proves their skill – and that everyone has the tools to make music at home.

Fun for both adults and children alike, this was a great show at getting people involved. Almost everyone was clapping and stomping away when asked, mirroring the performers on stage. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone leaving without a smile on their face, impressed from the physical exertion and skill at creating music from almost nothing.

Tickets are available at, by calling 1-877-840-0457, or by logging on to