The Squealing Game is a slow-paced provocative piece

Elyse throws a wrench into Eric’s plans as he launches a new discreet dating site for married people. She is repulsed by intimate encounters, and looks to seek justice for past wrongs. It’s a fun premise, and really gets going once you’re into the thick of the drama.

It opened on a shocking moment from Elyse’s childhood, and likely the reason for her aversion to intimacy. From there we meet the other key player of this melodrama: Eric, as he goes over marketing strategies for his salacious website. Introductions were easy here, and the characters each felt well-balanced with a depth of experience behind them.

This film had a lot of important women in it. There’s Elyse, Eric’s wife Nathalie, his mistress Virginie, and Elyse’s friend Aubrey… What impressed me was their developed characters, none of them ever felt superfluous or only included to push Eric’s story along. Steve Kerr’s writing allowed everyone to flourish as they were given real thoughts and emotions, to truly develop with their own motivations and subplots. It felt like everyone truly had lives outside of what we were seeing on screen.

Overall it’s quite slow in pacing, but that buildup really pays off once Eric and Elyse meet. Their chemistry is intense, playing off each other’s subtle cues and setting off Eric’s neuroses. In the final act, it takes a furious turn as they all tumble down to their basest desires and fears, fighting for everything they want.