Trailer Roundup: 17/01/19

There’s so much movie stuff going on at the moment, but it’s coming from award season instead of big trailer releases. So it’s a bit lacking here. I’ve got a lot of smaller movies that might not make big box-office smash but definitely could be fun, and some 2nd or 3rd trailers and TV spots as well. Oh, and there’s a Deadpool Oscars consideration trailer too! Check it all out below!


(January 13)- Jamie Foxx is in an action movie trying to rescue his son (that doesn’t really seem too important in the trailer). All this made me think of? I guess T.I. is out of jail… He left in 2011, but really why is he doing stuff again?

Lost in London

(January 19)- Woody Harrelson’s shooting a movie and live broadcasting it? I… really don’t know what to make of that. Is it basically a play? Because that’s what live theatre is called.

Take the 10

(January 20)- I think I would have appreciated this trailer a bit more if it actually showed Andy Samberg, who’s apparently also in the movie. Josh Peck isn’t really my guy…

I Am Michael

(January 27)- Since 127 Hours I’ve held out hope that Franco will have a resurgence in popularity and people will come to accept that he can be a great actor, as well as funny in stoner comedies. Well, this might be the movie to remind people. It was originally released in 2015, but it’s getting a wider and digital release this time around. I can’t wait, even if the subject matter is a little iffy. Plus, Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts are some of my favourites.


(January 27)- I remember reading this book in high school and being somewhat fascinated by the style and intrigued by the concept. At the time I thought it would be a great story for a movie, I just never thought it would take so long. They’re definitely going for a Matrix-style aesthetic here, and that’s looking quite similar to the original story. I can’t help but wonder though, is this coming out a bit too late – after smartphones have already become such a big, popular thing – or at just the right time? Only time will tell, I guess! Also, did anyone else pick up that the bad guy was Tanner from the recent Bond movies?

Santa Clarita Diet

(February 3)- Netflix has a few listings this week, because they’ve got a bunch of fun movies and TV shows coming up soon. This one has Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, two actors I haven’t heard much from recently so I’m happy to see them in a new show.

John Wick 2

(February 10)- Okay, so I wasn’t really a fan of this trailer. There was a lot of text at the beginning that was a bit too distracting, then it tried to be fast-paced and exciting but all it made me think of was the last Die Hard trailer. And that movie was not.good.


(February 17)- You can’t say “what’s in the box” without making me think of Brad Pitt in Se7en, but otherwise this trailer got me really interested. XX is a horror anthology, with four stories directed by different female directors, centred around female characters. That’s rare in a lot of horror, as is, and then the stories here all seem pretty cool too.


(February 24)- So it basically seems like Mad Max, but poorly done with unknown actors.


(March 10)- Now this one has some weird press, with stories of people throwing up in theatres and requiring ambulances at TIFF screenings. Doesn’t mean it’ll be a fantastic horror movie, but if the cannibalism theme doesn’t send you running for the hills then I’d highly recommend this one. It has an interesting style, at times stark or enveloping, but always a visceral coming of age story.

The Ottoman Lieutenant

(March 10)- I love historic dramas. Even though they’re normally incredibly inaccurate, I still largely enjoy them, just because they’re a period piece and romanticize periods I’ve studied about. Showing WWI from a very different perspective than normal has me even more excited for this one, even though it’s laregly just a romance. Is Josh Hartnett supposed to be from Turkey though?


(March 24)- It’s a silly comedy that won’t make any top ten lists, but Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell are a funny duo, especially with all their comedy friends involved here.

Transformers 5 The Last Knight

(June 23)- So we have a quick little TV spot for this, with all the normal explosions and yelling. I still can’t get over Anthony Hopkins joining this franchise – why did he think signing up would be a good idea?




So what movies are you excited to check out? Did I miss any trailers you want me to talk about? Let me know on twitter @reviewsbylauren!

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