Random Netflix Movie Night: Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies is about two friends, Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson. They work at a brewery together, each have their own relationships, and have some good chemistry going on.

It felt like a really honest portrayal of life, rather than the normal fluff of a romantic comedy – because it’s barely in that genre. It goes exactly how you wouldn’t expect, zigging where you want it to zag, and I loved that about this film. If you’re tired of the usual rom-com fare because it feels to predictable and every.single.person ends up happy at the end, then this might be the film for you.

All the actors did a great job at developing their characters as well. Everyone was flawed with changing motivations and thoughts that went unannounced. I know they didn’t come in with much of a script on this one, but what they did with each other was great. Improvised conversations in a movie is really hard, but that’s part of what made this feel so refreshing. Sure, they stutter a lot and there’s a bunch of empty spaces, but that felt like real conversation.

Admittedly, sometimes the stammering and rambling made the film a bit disorganized, but I never got frustrated or annoyed by that. It still made me appreciate the desired effect, because that’s so different from the norm. And the cinematographic choice to keep framing tight was so interesting. You never saw the whole picture, but were close to specific relationships – right in people’s faces during a conversation, never seeing the whole picture. A moving camera swaying between people in a conversation isn’t something you see every day.

4 beers out of 5