The Bachelor makes cookies and Corinne continues the drama + Corinne’s mum in defence of her daughter

Last week, Nick had a fantastic date with Vanessa and Corinne slept whenever Nick wasn’t paying attention to her. But when he did (in a bouncy castle, no less) all the other girls got angry.

He’s having a real tough time this season, trying to balance between his desire for sex and a long-lasting relationship. And, admittedly, trying to keep his newly rehabilitated image. Clearly the girls weren’t happy after seeing the bouncy castle shenanigans, and that’s where we left off last week.

Nick does a good job at convincing Vanessa he’s there for the “right reasons” but his actions haven’t been helping him at all this season. Unfortunately, tonight’s rose ceremony is no different. I do love how all the girls sat down together for their conversation about Corinne though, it seems like such a friendly house.

Taylor and Sarah go up to the bedrooms to talk with Corinne about how she’s rubbing all the girls the wrong way – how she seems stuck up and full of herself, way too young and immature for an impending marriage. But to Corinne? She’s not privileged, “in no way, shape, or form.” Yea… okay Corinne. She’s not living in her own fantasy world or anything.

Nick gives a great speech at the cocktail party, then ends up keeping Corinne around for another week. So… how will he explain that one to the women? Roses: Danielle L (group), Vanessa (1on1), Rachel (group), Raven, Taylor, Whitney, Kristine, Jasmine, Alexis, Astrid, Danielle M, Jami, Josephine, Sarah, and…Corinne, who gives a weird speech after Nick’s toast. But I’m preeeetty sure Nick wasn’t there when she did that, since they pointedly never zoomed out and showed the whole group. Ahh, good camera skills.

All the girls scream after learning they’re going to Milwaukee. Are they excited, or disappointed they aren’t going to a fantastic European country? It’s nice to see his parents though, his family has always been really great on this show.

Danielle L goes on the first one on one of the week after winning a group rose last week. They start designing cookies and end up kissing as they play with icing. He runs into one of his exes, which is obviously planned, and they sit down for coffee so my skeleton can leave my body from awkwardness. Oh.Dear.God, it was so horrible, but then they went to a park (where he lost his virginity??) and talk about old relationships. They managed to make it cute very quickly, but oh wow that date made me want to run away.

Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jami, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Danielle M, and Corinne make it onto the hometown group date. Which means Raven gets the second one on one. They start by feeding cows hay, then Nick fails at milking a cow and Jami does fantastically. And they end up how all good dates end: shovelling cow poo. But Corinne can’t handle it while all the other girls are a good sport about it, and the editors love another chance to make us hate her more. Well played, Bachelor producers, well played…

Once she’s run off, all the girls have gotten frustrated with how pampered she is, and Nick has recognized she’s gone, we can leave the daytime portion and move onto drinks. Kristina gets the rose after some sincere conversations, but shit hits the fan with Corinne. She addresses everyone’s problems with her “head on” by circling around and never answering their questions. It’s the best tactic for her, honestly. I love getting the journals after confrontations and realizing how different her interpretation of these situations is in comparison to what we see. How can she think she told off these girls, when she’s done NOTHING of the sort?

Raven gets to “kick it” with Nick for her one on one, and spend a much more normal day with his family then we normally get to see. She meets his younger sister and watches them play a soccer game then… meets his parents. Isn’t it a bit early for that? I don’t know, but everyone acts like it’s perfectly normal. I didn’t expect Raven to get a good edit from this show, but she’s doing really well – I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it to top two. In the evening, they go to the Milwaukee Art Museum for chats in an insanely dramatic building, then continue their rollerskating fun from earlier. I can’t imagine that art museum is too happy about that on their floors? Plus, where’s all the art? I probably would have stopped the conversational date so Nick and I could walk hand in hand through the exhibits. But then, that’s me and my love of museums…

The cocktail party ends up being about Corinne turning the tables on Taylor, but all I can think about is whether Josephine is actually a contestant on this show or just a producer plant. She’s the only girl we’ve seen on Corinne’s side so far, and then convinces her to confront Taylor… and that’s where we leave the show. Taylor explains herself very well, and ends up having to define emotional intelligence before offending Corinne when she’s upset that Taylor sounds more intelligent. Whoops!


Roses: Danielle L (1on1), Kristina (group), and Raven (1on1).

And recently, Corinne’s mum came out in defence of her daughter… but I’m not sure if she understands the point of the show? Basically, she said Corinne went on knowing she had to be the villain or the wife as those were the only memorable people. Okay cool, she’s playing that well then. However, the mum is also sad that the producers are helping Corinne along to this villainous path? Or upset that people don’t realize it’s all in the edit? But… everyone DOES understand, and making fun of the villain is exactly what this show is all about. If you’re uncomfortable with that, you can’t willingly turn yourself into a caricature! Admittedly, the phone calls mum is receiving IS a bit much though.