Experience a Showcase of Powerful Work by Female Artists at the Cultch in Femme February

The Cultch is pleased to present a full month of amazing events that highlight the strength and power of the female voice. All February, The Cultch will be featuring performances and discussions that focus on the female experience. So take a look below for all the exciting events!

I am thrilled that we are able to present such a strong body of works by female artists this February. At The Cultch we are always mindful of gender equality and it was really important to me that we highlighted some of the amazing performance being created by women. The works that we have programmed are as different as the people that perform them, which is why I strongly suggest that you should see all three and attend our book launch and panel discussion on February 9. Come and enjoy these works of courage and innovation with us. –Heather Redfern, The Cultch Executive Director

JAN 31 – FEB 5 at the HISTORIC THEATRE as part of PuSh Festival

Mouthpiece follows one woman, for one day, as she tries to find her voice. In this beguiling and provocative show, co-creators Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava play two halves of the same woman. Together they sit in a bathtub, singing and speaking in unison. The woman has just lost her mother, and is trying to grieve, as well as prepare for the funeral and eulogy. This process, as expected, involves a lot of sifting and parsing. As the two halves speak we notice divergences from the overlap of their words, and as the piece goes on the cracks in their collective speech widen. These women are one, and they are different: it’s the dilemma of fractured consciousness, one most of us can relate to, but it’s never been expressed quite like this.



Join us for the Vancouver launch of the groundbreaking book, Girl Positive, and a panel discussion on Women in the Arts.

Co-authors Fraser and Hagel will facilitate a panel discussion that will uncover the innovative ways in which women artists are disrupting and innovating culture. Featuring prominent women in the arts including author, actor, and playwright Carmen Aguirre, this discussion will provoke and inspire through an exploration of hidden power and wild possibility!

Girl Positive Showcases diverse voices of girls and young women from North America, Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel shift the focus from media’s sensationalist stories to highlight real-life accounts of how girls are making positive change and shaping a new world. Girl Positive offers stories of struggle and victory, and brings to light where today’s girls are finding new paths to empowerment.

“[A] hopeful exploration of what it means to be a girl in 2016 and beyond.” — Toronto Star



A full-length solo performance from award-winning artistic director, choreographer, and performer Santee Smith (TransMigration), exploring our relationship to ancestors, the living universe, and renewal. The spellbinding score features elemental voices of Inuit singers Tanya Tagaq and Nelson Tagoona with musical composition by Cris Derksen, Jesse Zubot, Michael Red, and Adrian Harjo. 

“NeoIndigenA is my human call for connection, transformation and healing. It’s a personal ritual performance, an event that I go through which is very much a ceremonial journey. It’s about personal healing, searching for connection and revitalizing myself as a human by the end. It my medicine dance sourced through dream worlds both nighttime and day dreaming. NeoIndigenA is my excavation of what is essential energy and intention from old knowing translated to: I am here in this space now. In this search I wish to be re-vitalized, experiencing many deaths and resurrections. Where is land in my body? What language do my bones speak? What is flesh and blood, breath connection to earth and to soulful sky? I acknowledge my ancestors and give thanks for the earthly body I was gifted and how I may best share this with others.” – Santee Smith


am a


am a explores identity through the lens of neuroplasticity, a science that examines the brain’s capacity for change. But how do we change our brains? And if we can change, how far can we go? Using personal text, scientific writings, dance, song, and frivolity to explore personal confrontation, am a is a celebration of being human. Of daring to succeed. Of daring to fail.

“We created am a because we are excited about how dance and theatre can live together. Although our stories make up a portion of the script, we wanted to move beyond confessional narrative into personal experiment. We are interested in how our brains change. How we can change how we respond and behave by altering how we use our neuro-networks. Over the development of am a, we have learnt new performance skills as a way for us to implement the strategies for self-transformation implied by the latest research in neuroplasticity. We want to show you what we’ve learnt.” – Amber Funk Barton & Mindy Parfitt