John Frieda Go Blonder Product Review

We made it through the worst of winter, and once that happens I always want a change. So I immediately chopped off 6 inches of my hair. I wanted to go a bit blonder as well, but figured I’d wait until we get into February and Vancouver is actually becoming a bit more Spring-like.

Lucky for me, John Frieda had my back and sent over their lightening products so I could get the job started right away. I’ve been wanting to try their ‘Go Blonder’ collection for a while – every time I pass them in the shampoo aisle, to be exact – so this was the perfect way to get my hands on them!

The first night, I used the in-shower treatment to start off with the most lightening. It was incredibly easy to use, just squeeze out all the liquid and slap it on your hair, but by the end of the five minutes my hair felt horribly dry. Make sure you have a really great shampoo and conditioner to use after the treatment, to hopefully replenish some of the moisture that definitely got stripped away. I also noticed more hair then normal in the drain after the shower, but then almost none for the next few days.

After a day, I still wasn’t too sure how much lighter my hair got. It’s definitely brighter and shinier, but I couldn’t tell you I went any lighter. At all. Since then, I’ve just been using the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo feels a bit drying, like a lesser version of the in-shower treatment, but the conditioner was initially fantastic on my hair. Every day it seemed to fix any dryness that was going on and keep my hair feeling quite silky.

Overall there hasn’t been much lightening, though my hair does feel a lot softer with that conditioner. My hair is a bit brighter, but that could be from the weather getting brighter and sunnier as well. If you want to give it a try, I’d say go for it – but I don’t think it’s worth the higher price-tag.


Disclaimer: I was sent this as a free product for my honest review. All thoughts above are my opinion alone, and not influenced by the developing company or its affiliates in any way.

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