Quick Chat with Slow Sugar

Slow Sugar released their song Hypnotic Love last year, and it got a ton of love. A remix by Dulsae just came out on the 24th and it’s just as good. We sat down with Slow Sugar for a quick chat below!

Your bio describes a mutual love of blues and jazz, as well as the indie and pop sounds that come through strongly in your music. How did the blues/jazz sounds influence your music?

“We met playing in a student jazz combo in college and our wide appreciation of genres has definitely enriched our music-making. Ultimately, we aim to balance vocal nuances and harmonic colors of jazz with the boldness and accessibility of blues in our own form of “pop” music.” – Danielle Harris

The NYC music scene can be quite brutal to a lot of musicians – have you found it difficult to break in?

“We’ve actually found the music scene pretty friendly and collaborative. It’s pretty small and everyone knows each other. We’ve done a ton of writing with others artists, writers, and producers.” – Alex Utay

What have been some of your personal highlights for Slow Sugar so far?

“Getting to play some of the bigger stages in NYC including Rough Trade, Gramercy Theater, and the Highline Ballroom.” – AU

“Although nothing feels as good as performing our music in front of a live crowd, having friends and fans reach out to us after coming across our music in Spotify playlists and in random stores never loses it’s charm.” – DH

Who are some of your biggest influences?

“Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, Miike Snow.” – AU
“I would add PJ Harvey, Betty Carter, and Janis Joplin.” – DH

What are some of your goals for 2017 (with music or otherwise)?

“We can’t wait to share more new music and put some new visual content (music videos and more) out into the world.” – DH

Check out a review of their single ‘Hypnotic Love’ remixed by Dulsae next week, PLUS Alex and Danielle’s top five remixes!