Check out Theatre Conspiracy’s newest offering – Foreign Radical

Join Theatre Conspiracy for a radical game of secrets at Studio 1398 on Granville Island from Monday, February 6 to Saturday, February 11, 2017.

A recipient of a Jessie Award for Critics’ Choice Innovation and named Top 10 Vancouver Theatre Shows in 2015, Foreign Radical is an interactive, multimedia experience with multilingual elements in Farsi and Arabic. Each performance is unique in that the audience dynamic influences the outcome.

Foreign Radical invites thirty participants into an intriguing theatrical game that explores security, profiling, freedom of expression, and privacy in the age of cybersurveillance. Mobile throughout the performance, the participants collaborate, compete, investigate, debate, and spy on each other.

The Foreign Radical set is divided into four quadrants where participants, depending on personal and group responses to various questions posed by the game’s ‘host’, witness different perspectives on the action. They are at times divided into groups or left all alone to gather evidence from dramatic scenes and documentary media that colour their views and how they play the game.

“I get grilled at the border almost every time I leave Canada and enter another Western country. As a brown man in a white country my privacy is invaded daily in the name of security and fears around terrorism. Foreign Radical is a show that captured my feelings and experience around this beautifully, and made a statement that every immigrant community wants to make about our human rights/privacy. It’s a must see for everyone no matter what age, gender, or culture.” Rohit Chokahni, Artistic Producer, Diwali Fest

TICKETS:  $14-30. On sale now at; Pay-What-You-Can on February 7.