January Podcast Roundup

Early this month, I was the guest on Mad About Movie‘s La La Land episode. We talked Star Wars and DC movie news before moving onto the review and some weekly recommendations. It was great fun, and hopefully you’ll be hearing me more soon!

As for this month, Terms kept ramping up and I can’t wait to find out how this season will end! And I prepped for next month’s JFL NorthWest festival with a lot of My Favorite Murder and Stop Podcasting Yourself episodes.


With a new season of The Bachelor having started up this month, I thought it only fitting to highlight a couple Bachelor-related entertainment shows.

Rose Buddies – A Bachelor Fancast is absolutely fantastic. A husband and wife explain and critique all aspects of this show while drinking and swearing – and racing against the their baby waking up. Remember that wedding photographer guy in the second episode who was basically wearing a colourful romper? Well they spend a couple minutes ranting about that outfit, and their off-topic rants are hilarious. They have a great Facebook community people can join to talk about the show as well, so if you’re looking for a place to talk about the show – you’ve found it here.

Here to Make Friends – A Bachelor Recap Show is also a lot of fun, and they even include people from Bachelor Nation to talk about the episodes. Corinne has become the big Bachelor villain of this season, and they brought on Olivia Cardi in the second episode to discuss how they manipulate things in the edit – and how Corinne needs a therapist.

Regularly Scheduled Podcasts

We got a few new episodes of Terms this month, quickly building up to the big payoff: will the President-Elect be barred from his expected term as President? Now that the current President’s wife is on board and helping bring the VP’s wife up to speed and the journalist has been promised an exclusive, things have got very interesting. For the past few weeks they’ve foreshadowed events to come but never fully shown their plans, but by the end of January we knew a lot more. And, unfortunately, realized there may be no hope. But is that really the case? It feels like the President still has something up his sleeve… Although Trump was just inaugurated, it’s been fun hearing the similarities between him and the President-Elect on this series – mainly because we’re generally assuming he won’t actually become President.

I also really enjoy the true crime genre, and when a podcast can take that on while still being funny and overall a pretty light, enjoyable show… that’s something I get really attached to. My Favorite Murder does just that. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark bring a different murder story to the table every week, and they just sit down and talk for a while. They’re not journalists, detectives, documentarians, or lawyers – but that’s what made this so fun. They’re regular people who read up on a crime story and want to share their morbid curiosity with someone. Plus, they have ‘minisodes’ with stories from friends, family and listeners about things a little closer to home. Doesn’t everyone want to hear about someone’s murderous neighbour?

Dead Pilots Society… Okay, so it isn’t THAT new, but they only have five episodes out and I wanted to talk about it. Studios show interest in a lot of TV pilot scripts that they never pick up, and this podcast is here for those shows – to give them the table read that they deserved. Or maybe didn’t, it’s up to you. My favourite episode was #2 – Only Child written by John Hodgman. If you like overly sarcastic, dry humour then that’s the episode for you. John Hodgman, the 45 year old, plays himself in a show about John Hodgman, the 14 year old. It’s exactly like you’d expect, and so funny.


Also coming to the JFL NorthWest comedy festival is Stop Podcasting Yourself, a great Vancouver-based show of comedians chatting with other comedians. No matter who’s on the show, it’s a great 1-2 hours of laughs and strange conversations. My favourite moments of recent episodes? Scaring Nicole Passmore with a fake snake and talking Starbucks orders with Pete Johansson. It’s always weird, funny, and off-topic.


So what did I miss? Help me curate February’s round up! What are your favourite podcasts, new or old? Are there any types of shows you’re looking to find more of (history, news, stories, etc)? Let me know, and I can start searching for some of the best. Tweet me @reviewsbylauren or comment below.