Mouthpiece features two strong women in this bold, dynamic performance

Mouthpiece follows one woman, for one day, as she tries to find her voice. The push and the pull, the past and the present, the progress and the regression: this is the inner conflict that exists within a modern woman’s head. Interweaving a cappella harmony, dissonance, text and physicality – Mouthpiece is a harrowing, humourous and heart-wrenching journey into the female psyche.

Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava are together in a bathtub. They’re singing the same song, but soon they start to diverge. This was an incredible look into one woman’s inner thoughts on her mother and the changing world they’ve both lived in.

Both women are fantastic actresses, creating wholly different characters while still staying true to one woman’s overarching personality. Initially, I expected this to be a study of mental health, or at least more focused on emotional reactions to the mother’s passing, but it quickly turned into questions of larger societal issues that women face.

In a small, sparsely set stage with just a bathtub and microphone these women managed to create a varying range of sets for a full day in their life, including flower stores, bars, and their mother’s funeral. Occasionally they went a bit longer than I thought necessary for some of the smaller moments, but overall this play brought big ideas to the front deftly without overwhelming the audience.

If you’re looking for a powerful play to check out this week, I highly recommend Mouthpiece – part of PuSh Festival and the start of the Cultch’s Femme February. Tickets from just $20. Single tickets on sale now through The Cultch’s Box Office: 604-251-1363 or

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