Oscars 2016 – Best Sound Mixing

The process of sound mixing is taking all the different sounds needed in a scene and putting them together so they are at the right time and volume. The elements needed to meld together for most scenes are dialogue, background noise, and score, however some films will have a focus on music or special effects.

This year we have two war movies, 13 Hours and Hacksaw Ridge, a new Star Wars movie Rogue One, a musical in La La Land, and an extraterrestrial first-contact film Arrival. A lot of people were predicting Doctor Strange to get some love here but instead Marvel missed out entirely. Instead, complete underdog 13 Hours got a nomination… and I honestly forgot that movie even existed until seeing it on this list.

Our predictions and analysis is below:

Last year, Mad Max swept the technical categories, which I can’t imagine La La Land would do this year, despite being the Oscar darling. Chazelle’s last music-themed entry Whiplash did win over Oscar voters, so there is the chance that his newest musical will do the same. Especially with better chance at getting mixing than editing. However, you can’t count out the action and science fiction movies, since those have been known to pick up on these awards frequently.

Arrival seems to be a good bet this year, balancing the subtle score, soft sounds, and the actors so nothing ever felt overpowering. Everything else on the list is a lot louder, and really felt like something we’ve seen before – and seen won.

  1. “Arrival”
  2. “La La Land”
  3. “Hacksaw Ridge”
  4. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”
  5. “13 Hours”

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