Roundup – January’s 5 Star Reads

If you know me at all, then you know I love to read but don’t get around to it nearly as much as I would like. I’ve made a (very small) goal of reading 2 books per month. Very easy, right? Well it certainly pales in comparison to what I want to be doing! For those like me who maybe want to get into reading again, and are looking for new books to check out, Clues and Reviews blogger Sam will be coming in each month to give us her favourite books of the month. They’re all five star reads from the thriller/mystery/suspense genres, so check them out below!

January was an awesome reading month; not only did a bunch of books have their release date, but I was able to read several of them that I believed deserved a 5 star rating!

Check out my five star picks from the month of January:

Behind Her Eyes (Sarah Pinborough)

behind-her-eyes-pinboroughBook in a Nutshell: Louise, a single mom, is in a rut. On a night out, she meets a man in a bar and they share a kiss. She is thrilled to have met someone but is surprised when he reveals he is married. She leaves embarrassed and plans to put this incident behind her. When she arrives at work on Monday, she meets her new boss, David and, you guessed it, he is the man from the bar! Louise is flustered and vows to stay away from David. She ends up bumping into David’s wife, Adele, and they become friends. They appear to have the perfect marriage but as Louise is drawn closer into David and Adele’s orbit, she starts noticing David’s controlling behavior and Adele’s fear. One thing is clear: something in this marriage is very wrong.

This book’s trending hashtag on social media ended up being #WTFthatending and, after reading this book for myself, I totally agree. This one has an ending that will slap you across the face. If you like a domestic thriller (like Girl on the Train or Behind Closed Doors) this one will appeal to you. Be warned, you will either love or hate the ending of this book but you won’t be able to deny that this is a seriously addicting read.

Never Out of Sight (Louise Stone)

never-out-of-sight-stoneBook in a Nutshell: Freya is cheating on her husband with a much younger man; her grad student. She realizes she has been distracted as she lives her life but doesn’t really realize how distracted she has been until her daughter goes missing. The police and her husband have lots of questions and the way to bring her daughter back is to tell the truth. However, when your whole life is built on a lie, the truth could destroy everything.

I love psychological thrillers and this book was no exception. This one was short, filled with twists and turns and was extremely fast paced. I read it easily in one sitting. This one has an unreliable female protagonist- similar to Gone Girl- so if you enjoyed that one, chances are this would be right up your alley!

Little Girl Lost (Carol Wyer)

little-girl-lost-wyerBook in a Nutshell: Detective Robyn Carter, returning to the police force after a series of personal tragedies, dives into several investigations; a husband has gone missing and a man turns up murdered. Once she begins her investigations, she sees a link between these men. As she digs deeper and deeper, her investigation leads her to housewife Abigail and her family. How is she connected to these victims and why is she receiving threatening messages; there are secrets and someone wants those secrets told. When Abigail’s daughter is abducted, the race is on to find the perpetrator in time.

This one is a book for a classic crime fiction lover. It’s a bit of a mix between a classic police procedural type novel and a fast-paced crime thriller. The first 30% of the novel I was confused, but when all the pieces begin to come together, you begin to appreciate how smart and how intricate this novel is woven!

The Beautiful Dead (Belinda Bauer)

the-beautiful-dead-bauerBook In A Nutshell: Eve Singer, a TV crime reporter, makes her living off of death; the more grisly, the better. When a rampant serial killer contacts her, to help “advertise” his “exhibitions”, Eve finds herself in a catch 22. Although she welcomes the opportunity to be the first at each gory crime scene, she soon realizes the killer has developed an obsession other than murder. Her.

From the books I have mentioned thus far, this action thriller is the most dark. Instead of a “whodunit” style novel filled with twists and turns, we are privy to the identity of the killer and, instead, are able to masterfully observe as the perpetrator evades law enforcement and manipulates those around him. This one reads like a movie, which makes it incredibly easy to devour! It kind of gave me a vibe like the move Se7en. So, if you are a person who choose to watch the movie instead of read the book, this one may be something that you’d enjoy!

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Thanks for having me Lauren!