Oscars 2016 – Best Sound Editing

Sound editing is the practice of collecting all the sounds required for the final mix. This includes getting the final cuts of dialogue, making sound effects, choosing the score selections, and all other sounds you hear in the movie.

Just like in the sound mixing category, action (Deepwater HorizonHacksaw Ridge, and Sully) and science fiction (Arrival) films tend to dominate. This year we’ve also got musical La La Land in the mix. Disney’s Rogue One and Doctor Strange missed out, instead getting replaced by two of this year’s real-life stories – a bit of a surprise that the powerhouse company lost out.

Our predictions and analysis is below:

Just like in Sound Mixing I don’t know if La La Land will pull together a win. Big budget movies usually win in these categories, but Arrival has my pick despite a smaller $50 million budget.

  1. “Arrival”
  2. “La La Land”
  3. “Deepwater Horizon”
  4. “Hacksaw Ridge”
  5. “Sully”

Who do you think will win? Tweet us @reviewsbylauren!


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