Trailer Roundup – 17/02/02

Another week has come and gone, and that means there are more trailers to go over! Check it all out below!

Youth in Oregon

(February 3)- If you want a movie that’s probably a bit emotional, this is for you. It seems like the characters all have developed backstories, even if you don’t get to see much of them because that’s what happens in these family dynamic type of stories.  All in all, it seems sweet enough, though.

1 Night

(February 10-LR)- People trying to reconnect with past loves seems simple enough, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s something more poignant or emotionally captivating about this story than all the other romantic movies that come out in February’s past.

Girlfriend’s Day

(February 14)- I don’t know what to say about this, other than I’m not overly interested. From the trailer, it seems like Bob Odenkirk is playing the usual down on his luck guy trope, there’s a girl who fits everything he’s looking for, she helps him on his quest to reclaim his glory. Even if that’s writing greeting cards. For a fake holiday they’re creating called Girlfriend’s Day, which is clearly Valentine’s day since this comes out then. I’m just… not interested. Even after people start attacking him, for an unknown reason.


(February 24)- I don’t really need another “I have to save my girlfriend” action movie, but I guess that’s what we have here – with Felicity Jones and Nicholas Hoult, which is a shame for their talent. Is Anthony Hopkins broke or something?

My Pet Dinosaur

(March 30)- The dinosaur starts out as a cross between a puppy and kitten, and that seems like just about the cutest thing, but that’s where my excitement ended. Unfortunately, the trailer just didn’t seem interested. They do realise E.T. is basically the same premise, right?

The Discovery

(March 31)- This is coming out on Netflix instead of in theatres, but if you’re looking for an alternate reality mind-bender, this would be a good one for you. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about from that trailer, but I’m certainly intrigued and interested to know more. What really got me was the cinematography and music changes that came on halfway through, what’s going on in this world?


(April 7)- So a giant monster materialises over Seoul, a la Godzilla – but not him because they don’t have the rights – and Anne Hathaway realises she is controlling it? Jason Sudeikis is there? Honestly, that premise isn’t very interesting – but maybe it’s because I expect more serious roles from her now.

Their Finest

(April 7)- You’ve probably noticed I love war dramas, and this one is no different. Even though there’s certainly a romantic element between Gemma Arterton and Sam Claflin, it also seems moving, emotional, and a lot of fun.

The Lost City of Z

(April 21)-People seem to be loving the explorer idea at the moment, with The Revenant and Frontiers both quite popular. But this one seems a bit more… human, then Dicaprio’s turn. It’s more about relationships and culture, but unfortunately, that runs the risk of venturing into “savages” territory, so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle those comparisons.

My Cousin Rachel

(July 14)- Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Iain Glen… and the list goes on of actors I love in this movie. They seem to have created an atmosphere befitting the 19th century setting of the original novel, one that will make this mystery romance a lot more intriguing than it otherwise would have been. You just have to get over the fact that he falls in love with his cousin, I guess.

Girl’s Trip

(July 21)- If you liked The Hangover but wanted an all-female version, then this should be the movie for you. This isn’t really theatre-worthy for me, I’d much rather curl up and watch this stuff on Netflix, but it does look like a fun time!

The Nut Job 2

(August 18)- I honestly didn’t know there was a first one, but Will Arnett is fantastic so I wouldn’t be opposed. Especially with the line “oh I get it, the small shovel was symbolic” it can’t be all bad, right?


And then without finalised release dates:


(in March)- It’s a sadomasochistic Western and domestic thriller, and that actually sounds absolutely incredible. Especially with Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning in the lead roles. Plus, can we just talk about how intense and powerful she looked in the trailer, even though she didn’t say a single word?

Certain Women

So this had a limited release in October, but now it’s coming out in a few European countries so it might start to gain a bit more notice. We follow four women, complicated and troubled, who don’t have everything sorted out for themselves. So, real people. With layers to their personalities and lives outside of just what we see. I don’t know about you, but I’d jump at the chance to get a bit more of that in movies.


And then we’ve got some additional trailers for other movies: