Ships Have Sailed release new single, Up

Welcome your February Band of the Month, Ships Have Sailed! Consisting of Will Carpenter as vocals and guitar and Art Andranikyan on drums, they’re starting off 2017 strong with the release of a single titled Up. Check out the review, and links to submit questions for my interview with them below!

Balancing between exuberant pop and substantial alt-rock, Ships Have Sailed have cultivated a following since their debut EP ‘Someday’ in 2014. After a year full of success and challenges, they’ve come together for an introspective, new sound found on their single ‘Up’ released today.

[In] a moment that was both happy and sad, reflective and hopeful, satisfied but still hungry, I tried to muster up the words to convey the mix of emotions that this year had evoked. At first it was a thoughtful process, but once the grain of the idea took shape, the music just kind of poured out … and it was incredibly cathartic. -Will Carpenter

Up is light and catchy, balanced by strong storytelling and reflective, thoughtful lyrics. They managed to capture a variety of feelings and mixed emotions all into one carefully organized song. It really inspired a sense of longing for more, without being bogged down by the usual sadness that desire entails. It’s a great indie pop hit for February, when people need something fun to listen to.



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