Nora NYC Sunglasses (+discount code!)


I was sent a pair of Nora NYC sunglasses recently with a discount code for everyone, so check out a couple photos of the Beekman glasses and my code, below!

These are the gold and pink Beekman sunglasses, and I think they’re a lot of fun. The geometric metal frame is really cute, but they’re a bit big on my face. I’m normally not one for such a dramatic pair of sunglasses, but I can definitely see them being fun this summer. Plus, despite the thin frame they feel pretty sturdy – as much as sunglasses can be, at least!

Overall I’m pretty happy with them, and can’t wait to get a couple more pairs to add to my collection. Check out all their sunglasses at Nora NYC and use the discount code NewShades for 10% your purchase!


3 thoughts on “Nora NYC Sunglasses (+discount code!)

  1. Hi Nora NYC had emailed me asking to be an ambassador, but I did some research and lots of people say it was a scam…What should I do??

    1. The glasses are more expensive on their site than they need to be – you could find pretty much the same thing elsewhere. So it’s up to you – I had a good experience, but I know that not everyone has.

  2. It’s a scam, the code will probably not work and sunglasses are fake af. They are the same company as Mirina girls, which offers the same kind of thing with necklaces with the price of $150, which are for $11.99 on amazon.

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