Oscars 2016 – Best Original Song

Ultimately, you want the original song to capture the soul of the movie. I prefer when the song is used within the movie, rather than at the credits, but that’s not always how it goes. Selma‘s Glory from a few years ago captured the feeling of the whole movie but was played against the credits. Quite frequently, the Academy favours pop-stars performing the winning track, which is why you’ll see people like Sting and Justin Timberlake on this list.

Our predictions are below:

If only one song from La La Land was present here, it would be quite easy to choose a winner. Unfortunately with two songs here the vote might split. If that’s the case, Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” is the most likely winner, for Hamilton creator Lin Manual-Miranda.

But my biggest question: will we get to see everyone perform their songs live? Some years, we get that and others we don’t. I’m desperate for some Gosling piano playing and Stone singing because their songs are both absolutely beautiful – and can the Academy really pass up performances from Sting and Justin Timberlake? That’s a ratings boost, right there.

  1. How Far I’ll Go” (“Moana”)
  2. City of Stars” (“La La Land”)
  3. Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” (“La La Land”)
  4. Can’t Stop the Feeling!” (“Trolls”)
  5. The Empty Chair” (“Jim: The James Foley Story”)

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