Oscars 2016 – Best Adapted Screenplay


A good screenplay is pivotal for a movie to succeed. It not only creates the script but provides instructions for actors, cinematographers, production designers, and more.

Usually, this is where everything starts – but for adapted screenplays, they get their inspiration from previous work. Whether that’s a book, play, or earlier movie, something else has provided the main story or concept that the screenplay elaborates on.

Our predictions and further analysis are below:

Generally, I’d go with the strongest Best Picture nominee of the category. Initially, there was a big discussion within the Academy about whether Moonlight should be included in the original or adapted categories, but since it’s ended up here it shouldn’t have too much trouble winning. Arrival was the closest to winning without Moonlight in the category, and Hidden Figures has started getting some big recognition, but Moonlight‘s support is pretty overwhelming.

  1. “Moonlight,” by Barry Jenkins
  2. “Arrival,” by Eric Heisserer
  3. “Hidden Figures,” by Theodore Melfi and Allison Schroeder
  4. “Fences,” by August Wilson
  5. “Lion,” by Luke Davis

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