Random Netflix Movie Night: (Lonely Island) Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special

Michael Bolton is really doubling down on the Lonely Island comedy, starring in a Netflix Original special for Valentine’s day. It has all your favourite SNL cast members, comedy actors and that wonderful, sultry voice we all know and love.

So it’s basically a compilation of ridiculous jokes and skits. They take a page out of so many different variety shows, pledge drives, and SNL skits that you rarely get to stop and think for more than a moment before you’re off to the next one. It’s so incredibly cheesy, which I guess should be expected for a Valentine’s special (or a Lonely Island production) but I wasn’t expecting it to so full on from the very first minute.

Here’s the lowdown: Santa Claus gives Michael Bolton the task of getting 75,000 babies conceived over Valentine’s Day, so Christmas isn’t ruined with too many toys. Simple enough concept, albeit completely absurd – but that’s the fun.

As expected, Bolton is great with romance songs and doesn’t really try to venture out of that too much. He gets some good jokes in, which we also knew wouldn’t be a stretch since he’s already done some work with SNL and Lonely Island that was a great hit for all.

The one thing I couldn’t wondering about was who this is for. Are young people expected to choose a Michael Bolton show? That seems a bit unlikely, but I also wouldn’t expect it to really call out to anyone from older generations either.

Oh, and that phone number during the telethon? It’s real. Seriously, call it. Listen to more Michael Bolton, and leave a message!

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