Oscars 2016 – Best Documentary Short

Documentary short is a difficult category to gauge since most people don’t have any chances to check them out. This year there are two Netflix nominees so you can check out The White Helmets and Extremis and we’ve got your back with descriptions of each below!

The Syrian crisis is a big feature of this year’s nominees, showing up in The White HelmetsWatani: My Homeland, and 4.1 Miles.

  1. The White Helmets” – a makeshift organisation of first responders go searching for survivors amongst the rubble of daily air strikes in Syria
  2. Watani: My Homeland” – a close, micro-story of the Syrian conflict as one family tries their best to survive
  3. Extremis” – the decisions doctors, patients, and families have to make in an ICU are devastating –
  4. Joe’s Violin” – a Holocaust survivor donates his violin to a 12-year-old girl, changing both their girls
  5. 4.1 miles” – this focuses on a coast guard captain off the coast of a small Greek island as he must suddenly start saving thousands of Syrian refugees from drowning