Oscars 2016 – Best Live Action Shorts

The shorts are some of the trickier categories for most people to predict as almost no one gets to see these films, unless they are lucky enough to find them played together at a local film festival. Each film has a link to their trailer, so you’ll get some sense of what each is like.

Our predictions and trailers are below:

  1. Silent Nights” – a Danish woman volunteering at a homeless shelter falls in love with a Ghanian immigrant but a secret from his past threatens to uproot their life together
  2. La femme et le TGV” – a woman who waves at a train every day starts writing letters to the conductor before going in search of him
  3. Sing” – two girls investigate their choir teacher when the new girl is treated poorly
  4. Timecode” – a parking lot security guard is bored in her job, until developing a friendship with the night guard through CCTV footage
  5. Ennemis intérieurs” – during the Algerian civil war with terrorists infiltrating France, a French police officer of Algerian descent conducts an intense interview with a French-born Algerian man seeking naturalisation

Who do you think will win? Tweet us @reviewsbylauren!

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