Oscars 2017 – Best Animated Short

Animated shorts allow for engaging, unique storylines and inventive forms of animation. Disney and Pixar are always tough competition in this category – nominated every year for the past six, winning twice – but they have some seriously creative competition.

Our predictions and trailers are below:

Pixar’s nomination Piper is primed to win. However, Blind Vashya is a serious contender with much darker undertones from the National Film Board of Canada.

  1. Piper” – fulfilling the adorable quota, we follow a baby sandpiper overcoming a fear of water
  2. Blind Vaysha” – Vaysha has a left eye that sees the past and a right eye that sees the future, preventing her from living in the present
  3. Pearl” – the first ever 360° VR nominee, about a girl and her father driving cross-country to chase their dreams
  4. Borrowed Time” – a Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget
  5. Pear Cider and Cigarettes” hard-living Techno Stypes has been Robert’s best friend since childhood. When Techno is hospitalised in China and needs a liver transplant, Robert goes on a wild ride to get him home to Vancouver

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