The Bachelor axes more women pre-rose ceremony + new Bachelorette revealed!

Last week we saw Nick cut his group down from 12 women to 6 through an early rose ceremony and mid-date axes. Yikes! That led to the most dramatic cliffhanger so far – and the only one that has been even remotely necessary. Suddenly, he’s not sure whether this process will really work for him – which has inspired lots of tears and introspection leading into tonight…

As a reminder, here’s the rose standings: Kristina (1on1) and Raven (group).

Chris Harrison shows up for a serious sit-down, but I really can’t take him seriously with those cuffed pants. But apparently Chris is a great therapist, so Nick opens up and decides he still wants to be here. Less than ten minutes into the episode and that cliffhanger is already over – can we please stop with this to be continued shit?

Nick shows up at the girls’ hotel again to freak them out a little, and explain how he feels so strongly towards them. Wouldn’t that be weird to have your boyfriend telling you and five other women he’s also dating that he likes all your relationships? Why is everyone so excited about this and his decision to cancel a rose ceremony?

But then they’re off to Bimini, and an absolutely stunning resort. Corinne hasn’t had a one on one yet, but that just means they’ll keep giving her more alcohol until she goes full blown crazy. I’m just waiting for her sex drama because the last Vanessa date wasn’t that exciting and this one starts off pretty much the same way. Why can’t they just put sunglasses on, because their squinting is getting SO annoying. At night, Vanessa tells Nick she loves him but then he gives a big, drawn out explanation of why he can’t say he love you back. Girl, that’s not what you want to hear.

Remember last week when we thought Corinne was kind of friendly with the girls? Well, that’s already ended apparently. She starts whining to Rachel about Vanessa’s lack of depth, but I can’t help but wonder how Rachel responded. She’s clearly getting the wife-edit so none of her complaining gets shown – but Corinne wouldn’t be saying this if Rachel wasn’t reacting similarly?

Corinne, Kristina, and Raven get a three on one group date, much to Corinne’s chagrin of course. They really edit this date to be as uncomfortable as possible. First, Corinne strips in front of the group, then Nick puts sunscreen on Kristina, then he drops the bomb that everyone is swimming with sharks. Raven is all for it, but Kristina starts crying and can’t handle the shark thing so she gets all the attention. So Corinne needs to up the ante again.

In the evening, Nick starts crying while talking with Kristina about having to send girls home, finds out Raven calls her dad daddy (and made it a little weird), then had a legitimate conversation with Corinne – which has probably never happened before. She needs to stop with the Trump/Make America Great Again references, though. It’s killing me. Raven gets the group date (twice in a row!) then takes her off to a beach concert. I love that they don’t even pretend to tell you who the bands are anymore.

Danielle gets the next date and they go biking through Bimini, which should be fun but she feels way too sweet for him. She just doesn’t seem that engaged with anything they’re doing, and turns out she can’t keep up a conversation. About hometowns – which people normally can’t help but rant and rave about. She’s a little better at dinner, mostly because he’s talking over her silence, and then she tells him she’s falling for him. Every.Single.Time this happens, we immediately get a journal of him talking about why he isn’t feeling it, so maybe girls should just keep quiet about their feelings. Maybe that just freaks him out?

Once Danielle is sent home, Corinne realises she needs to visit Nick to “blow that room up.” We finally get the “my heart is gold but my vagene is platinum” line, but he puts a stop to it pretty quickly because he’s learned that it’s frowned upon on this show. I guess he doesn’t want to hurt his image like he did on Kaitlyn’s season.

Rachel gets another exploring-the-local-area one on one, and I love them together but since we all know how this will end what’s the point in getting excited? They talk hometowns, he seems so damn into her like it’s obvious they’ll be the final couple… and I just don’t get how she gets sent home.

Chris Harrison sits down with Nick who “knows” who he’s sending home tonight. Which also means: thank god, the rose ceremony isn’t being pushed to next episode. Before the rose ceremony, Nick pulls Kristina aside to end things. It’s an incredibly respectful way to send someone home, but he’s also really ruining the show’s favourite moment: the dramatic rose ceremony goodbyes.

Roses: Raven (group) – with Rachel, Corinne, and Vanessa staying but not getting roses?

ABC also announced the next Bachelorette on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and it’s Rachel, the first ever black lead in Bachelor Nation! Although I’m really excited for her to be the next lead, it’s also incredibly frustrating – she’s still on this show with no indication of getting eliminated yet. Did someone leak it, so they decided to roll with it and just announce on JK tonight, or was their plan this whole time to spoil their own show? Either way, it sucks – what’s the point of Rachel still being on The Bachelor now?

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