Oscars 2017 – Best Documentary Feature


This year’s documentaries have a strong racial focus, as frontrunners OJ: Made in America and 13th, as well as I am Not Your Negro all take on different parts of black consciousness in America. Unless the Academy rejects OJ‘s roots as a TV five part series, this should win handily after picking up the majority of awards so far this season.

Other nominees are Fire at Sea and Life, Animated. Fire at Sea looks at a Greecian island’s experience as Syrian refugees come to their shores – but it barely interacts with those refugees. Finally Life, Animated looks to one family using Disney movies to help their autistic son.

Check out below for our final predictions of who will come away with the trophy.

  1. “OJ: Made in America”
  2. “13th”
  3. “I am Not Your Negro”
  4. “Life, Animated”
  5. “Fire at Sea”

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