Oscars 2017 – Best Cinematography

Cinematography is an important part of creating a film. Cinematographers are the people behind the lens, and they need to have a vision or idea of what the movie needs to look like. In connection with the director they’re deciding how to frame each shot, how to use their lighting to produce the right feeling in audiences, and most importantly, they need to create meaning in the images they’re taking.

Our predictions and analysis are below:

Both La La Land and Silence chose film over digital which gives them a leg up in this category; however, Arrival has also crafted some beautiful shots in this sci-fi drama without any technical film school training. Silence has the only previously nominated DP, having Rodrigo Prieto nominated twice before.

  1. “La La Land”
  2. “Arrival”
  3. “Moonlight”
  4. “Silence”
  5. “Lion”

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