The Just for Laughs Showcase brings lots Vancouver-specific jokes to Biltmore Cabaret

My next show during JFL NorthWest is the Just for Laughs Showcase – and they’re back tonight at Yuk Yuk’s!

After seeing him kick off Iliza’s show last Thursday, nothing could make me happier than finding out Ivan Decker was the host of the showcase. He’s witty, recognises the occasional ridiculousness of MCing, and was a constant vibrant energy when on stage. Hopefully, I find him at another show this week.

But onto those comedians he was introducing… as part of Best of the West, they’re mostly Vancouver-based and each has their own take on that. We got PNE roller coaster jokes, lots of pot talk, and some Downtown East Side and public transit bits. It’s not every day you get comedy so relatable at a festival like this.

Everyone had their own styles. Some really focused on the awkward or weird, while others turned to some more racially charged or gender-focused material. Julie Kim looked at motherhood, Charlie Demers reflected on seeing a Nazi eating a taco, and Ryan Williams weaved a tale of moving houses via the bus system.

Tickets for JFL Northwest are available here.