Oscars 2017 – Best Picture

This is it: the last award. The show is tomorrow where we’ll finally know what the academy has been thinking, but first, we have to make one.final.prediction. This is the big one, that everyone in film wants to win and every award show lover wants to have seen.

Our predictions and further analysis are below:

As usual, we’ve got a couple of movies that are really contending for this top prize. La La Land is the most likely favourite, despite a slight cooling off period for its popularity. It’s a love affair with Hollywood and manages to balance the best parts of old-school Hollywood while still managing to feel relevant and up to date. Moonlight is the top competition for the prize, focusing on the type of protagonist that rarely gets this much screen time – a poor, young, gay, black man.

  1. “La La Land”
  2. “Moonlight”
  3. “Hidden Figures”
  4. “Arrival”
  5. “Lion”
  6. “Fences”
  7. “Manchester by the Sea”
  8. “Hell or High Water”
  9. “Hacksaw Ridge”

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