Andi Dorfman returns to cajole The Bachelor and Raven professes her love

Last week we left it on a really boring note: Andi Dorfman had shown up at Nick’s hotel room just before the rose ceremony, to …confront him? We know she won’t be coming by to say a friendly hello or ask to take him back – her book is not all too kind to him, so why is she here?

Turns out we needed a long, drawn out conversation with Andi. It went pretty well, and they actually covered the most controversial topics of their relationship: namely, fantasty suite sex and when he called her out for it. I’m really having a resurgence of Nick-love at the moment.

It’s turning into a pretty fantastic season, as we go from the best hometowns in a long time to an absolutely gorgeous final destination of Finland. I’m so intrigued by the choice to go North and snowy for the final two episodes, since beaches always have that image of romance they seem to like. As in – lots of bikinis and shirtless men.

At the rose ceremony, Nick picked Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa. Corinne proved her youth with how she reacts to the breakup but I still can’t get over how genuine Nick looks with her. He took care of her and babied her a little bit, but he also seemed to soften a little more than I expected – like there was no ill will or frustration with her.

For our one hour episode this week, we start with Raven’s date and don’t even get all the way through that one. They have a really cute, normal day playing darts in a pub and sitting by a fire. It’s a really sweet date, and they end up talking about cooking and cleaning and regular life things. In a silly way, but that just made it cuter. In the evening, Raven gives one of the best declarations of love this show has probably ever seen, before moving on to tell him that she’s never had an orgasm before. It isn’t clear whether that’s with her ex, or in life, but either way it’s a disappointing state of affairs.


Are you excited for next week’s continuation of fantasy suites, and the Women Tell All?