Roundup – February 5 Star Reads

This was a great month for thrillers and psychological dramas, and since everyone loved Clues and Reviews’ post so much last month… why not do it again! Check out Sam’s 5 star books she read in February!

How ironic that February is the month known for love because I discovered some books that I absolutely LOVED and gave a coveted 5-star rating to!

Check out my five star picks from the month of February:

doll-houseDoll House (John Hunt)

Book in a Nutshell: Olivia is a college freshman; bright-eyed, eager for what the future holds until she is abducted and kept hostage locked in a room. For five years she is raped, tortured and abused. Her room is pink. A room fit for a doll. She is a member of their sick collection. After Olivia escapes her captors, her worries truly begin. Getting out of the Doll House was the easy part; remaining away from the Doll House proves to be the bigger obstacle.

This was one of the creepiest books I have read in a LONG time! This one reminded me a lot of Riley Sager’s Final Girls the book that I have predicted will be a book everyone is talking about this summer. From the pace to plot and a kick-ass female protagonist, I found not much to fault in Doll House. This novel is out now, so if you want a “scare your pants off” type horror thriller, then look no further; I believe it’s even free to read on if you sign up for a Kindle unlimited trial!

bad-little-girlBad Little Girl (Frances Vick)

Book in a Nutshell: Claire is a teacher who brings Lorna under her wing as she notices Lorna is having trouble at school and suspects she is being abused. No one will listen to Claire that Lorna needs help. As the year’s pass, Lorna and Claire develop a mother/daughter type bond and they take off to take Lorna away from the abuse. Once this happens, bonds shift and now it’s a matter of who will win this wicked game.

I don’t often agree with books that align themselves with Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, but for this book, I’d have to make an exception. From the unreliable characters to the fast-paced plot, this one had my eyes glued to the pages. Bad Little Girl was undeniably addicting.

method-1533Method 15/33 (Shannon Kirk)

Book in a Nutshell: The novel follow a pregnant, sixteen-year-old girl, as a ring of human traffickers kidnap her and prepare to deliver her baby and sell it to the highest bidder. She should feel helpless, alone and terrified. But she doesn’t. Instead, Lisa, a calculating, methodical and manipulative prodigy is eerily calm. She desires two things. To save her unborn son and to exact merciless revenge on the people who have taken her.

This is not your regular, run of the mill abduction story. I am a huge fan of strong female protagonists and Lisa is about as strong as they come. Cold and calculating, I remained in shock and awe of her throughout my reading. Such an awesome plot!

blinkBlink (K.L Slater)

Book In A Nutshell: The novel opens with a woman narrating in a coma.  She is unable to move but can hear and process everything.  People are discussing turning her ventilator off.   She cannot tell them she is there. All she can do is relive, over and over, when Evie went missing.   Flash back three years; Toni is raising her daughter Evie alone after her husband died in active duty in Afghanistan.  Coping with pills, Toni is doing the best she can to piece her life back together.  A teacher’s aide, Harriet, narrates sections as she manipulates little Evie.  All of these seemingly unrelated tales collide with a bang, and when they do, hold on to your seats!

Enthralling, fast-paced and dark, Blink provided all the elements I need to be sucked completely into a book.  I read this one into the night, I left the book open on my bed so I could try and absorb more as I slept.

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Thanks for having me, Lauren!