Trevor Noah won over Vancouver at JFL NorthWest shows, becomes Netflix special ‘Son of Patricia’

Trevor Noah has a great sensibility with his comedy, knowing how hard to hit without alienating audiences or making anyone uncomfortable. At JFL NorthWest, he focused on hitting toddlers, Trump, and racism in America.

Even without an opener, he easily enveloped the crowd through his conversational manner and immediate Vancouver-specific jokes. If there’s one thing that entices an audience, it’s a connection to their own experiences – and who hasn’t been frustrated with children before?

Since he took up hosting the Daily Show, I’m sure everyone is most primed for his own style of political humour. Once again he brought in Canada to the Trump bashing, reminding everyone that Trudeau is the only leader who hasn’t been subject to Trump’s pulling handshake.

Although his show was spot on and absolutely hilarious, some might be a little uncomfortable by his third act – how different words effect different people. He utilised the N-word a lot in that bit, but never cavalier or unaware of what he was doing. The calculated approach never felt abrasive or offensive – even during his original joke – but instead made a great social critique about the word not being the offensive part, but the malice behind it instead.

He is a fantastic standup comedian, and I was so excited when I found out he was joining JFL NorthWest’s festival once again. He also has a new special on Netflix, Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark.

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