Chris D’Elia films 2017 Netflix special, Man on Fire, at the Vogue in Vancouver

Vancouver is known for their great comedy audiences, so it makes sense that Chris D’Elia decided to film his newest Netflix special in our wonderful city during JFL NorthWest.

It’s an all new set, and it puts a big spotlight on love and its pitfalls. He has some great moments but once again I’ve found myself somewhat at a loss with him and I’ve finally figured out why. He makes his jokes relatable to bro-style men in the audience, without a strong ability for connecting to other groups. Sure, I understand the women-steal-the-covers jokes and his delivery freshens up that old topic, but it’s not really a joke designed to make the women laugh.

Despite that problem, he has a great third act that everyone can enjoy. His best friend has a 4-year-old daughter but he doesn’t want her to soften his inner gangster. It’s cute, funny, and something everyone can relate to. Overall, I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the special and seeing what they kept from the performance I went to which had some mic issues – but hilarious improvised jokes that went along with it – and what they took from the second show that I might have missed.

You can check it all out on his upcoming Netflix special, Man on Fire, coming out in early summer.